Boyfriend caught telling child on Facebook ‘we can be f— friends’

Boyfriend caught telling child on Facebook ‘we can be f— friends’

Dear Willie: I met this guy on Blackberry Messenger through my close friend about five months ago. At the time I was going through a break-up and he was always there to give me advice and guidance. He is jovial and never serious about anything.

I started developing feelings for him and so did he. I know it was too early for that but it just felt right and it’s been four months since we have been together. We exchanged Facebook passwords because we trusted each other and he said there is nothing to hide.

Three months into the relationship I discovered this conversation where he asked the girl to spend the night at a guest house and lots of sex talk. I confronted him and he said that the girl was his classmate from times and he always speaks to her that way. We sorted things out and I promised never to go on his profile again.

However, last week I decided to see what’s popping and there was another convo, this time with a 14-year-old child and he is telling her ‘we can be friends with benefits or f** friends’. I was pissed at him the entire day then I brought it to his attention. I told him I can’t take it again and I’m through. He said that he was bored and he doesn’t do little children, he was just playing around. The next morning he told me that we should break up, it would be better for both of us.

What hurts me is that I told my mom about the guy. My mom likes him and I have gone out of my way on many occasions to have sex and make time with him.

Willie I love this guy. I regret the fact that I let him go because now I want him back. I told him let’s get back together and he said no, it’s better if we are close friends.

I know I deserve better but please tell me what to do Willie.

Dear Miss: Sometimes some people are better off just being friends in your life. This sentence in the first paragraph of your letter was a big clue: “He is jovial and NEVER SERIOUS ABOUT ANYTHING.”

I guess he was not serious about the relationship. He cannot be serious when he gave you the password to his Facebook account and said he has nothing to hide yet he blatantly uses that same account to cheat?

Then there is this child he is entertaining with sex talk. This is no excuse but I would somewhat pity him if the girl fooled him about her real age. But if he was aware that she was 14 all along, then that’s a red alert: this guy is trouble.

I give him some credit for breaking off the relationship but that was something you should have done before he did!

I also believe this dude is a player. I doubt he was serious about anything from the beginning. He was a great friend, and probably that’s all he wanted, but some females always believe that every guy who talks nice to them deserves a space in their lives.

Nothing is wrong with having a great guy friend without letting off some cat. Sometimes it is good to squeeze your vagina and tell it to behave. Sex and the need to be loved all the time, most times get us into unhealthy relationships.

Why do people believe being single for sometime is a bad thing?

He probably developed fake feelings to get into your underwear. And it was too early to start commitment.

The signs are clear about this guy. If you want to go back to him, it is your choice but don’t write me back when the sh** hits the fan, if you decide to reunite with him. He already told you he is not interested.


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  1. Things wrong with this relationship:
    *exchange fb password
    * "joking" with former classmate
    * being a child molester
    * you woman accepting and believing those things are normal


  2. What is a 14 year old doing with a facebook account? And why are we only blaming the man? We all know some 14 year olds think they womanish and ready for action. What she should have done is find out who owns this child and report this to their guardians. As for this guy.... Dirty SOB! You need prayers. Lady seek God and everything else will fall after. Learn to love yoursself and be happy on your own. #stayblessed #onelove


    • Umm... what's a 14yr old doing on facebook? I don't know, socializing with friends, meeting people, sharing interests, etc... any of these? Is facebook solely a hot bed of sexual hookups and other adult vice?
      Of course not, it's a social tool, one that can used to great benefit but regrettably as in the case above for untoward mischief.

      However are you in fact saying that at 14, one is not mature enough to engage and maintain social links outside their parental and family units, explore subjects and interest that may become lasting hobbies or determine career path and goals? At what appointed age should someone be declared mature? When they're legal at 18? 21? etc?

      I like the fact that persons always feel the need to lambast teenagers for what they are going to be naturally curious about as opposed to heaping that same scorn on the older party who should know better. I couldn't help but notice the guy only rates a single line of condemnation.

      She's womanish? Nope, she's just 14.


  3. All what these Lucian women think of is sex and sleeping around. And after they've allowed their vaginas to be bruised, abused and sampled, then they return and cry about it thinking the guy will view them any better.

    I am a man, and if i wanted to sleep with scores of women here i would. But i hold myself up to a different standard and decided that this type of life isn't for me.

    If i am serious about a woman, i make my intentions known and act on it and keep it this way. I expect the very same with the woman. If she messes this up, then out she goes without me thinking twice, as i know my self worth and how much i can bring to the table. Also there are tooooooo many beautiful women on this planet.

    Therefore, both parties have to be serious as to what they want from the "get-go."
    If you know (in the back of your head,) that you're not serious and just about sex and conquering the man or woman, then move on. Cause the end results will be very devastating.

    PS. And young women, you are the custodian of your female private parts. No one dictates what or who goes in there but you. Don't be too quick to give it up too early. Allow your partner to cherish and support you emotionally. Then you may attend some form of respect.


  4. Clearly this woman has no moral values. It beggars belief that she still wants to continue a relationship with a man who is prepared to have sexual relations with a child. This man should be reported to the police as he poses a danger to all children. Failing that she is an accessory to the facts. No wonder child abuse I so rampant in St Lucia. Women like this are clearly part of the problem.


  5. Lady thee writing is on the wall. Get over it ASAP...this guy is having sexual conversations with a minor and you want him back in your life, are you serious or plain stupid? No wonder some of our little girls get molested because we turn a blind eye. Of course yes he is cheating with so-called classmate.
    Do yourself a favor and don't bother, you can do bad all by yourself. This guy is nothing but a player. You going out of your way to have sex with him says is all. If you have any respect for yourself RUN RUN RUN!
    Stop being so naive, desperate, and let go.


  6. dis whole thing sounds childish, i bet you'll still in ur teens. he wanted sex from u n he got it. if he knows dat da girl is really 14, he's a pervert.


  7. Not because the world does something means that it is right. So many are having sex before marriage and that brings a whole lot of problems. Ladies WAIT! Gentlemen WAIT! Live in purity and holiness. Live in belief and obedience to His Word and He will grant you the desires of your heart.


  8. some women just want to be with a man no matter what. they are afraid of being alone, and will tolerate anything just to show people that they have a man. Women with a mind like this are more sick than the man themselves. smh


  9. Willie Good Afternoon!

    Madame, before you take any man serious to be your boyfriend/husband, I suggest you be aware of his full intentions in life. Thank you very much.


  10. The man broke it off with u my girl u should thank this man from savin u the head ache of his old nasty life time heals all wounds learn from that mistake and live life someone out there is meant to love u


  11. Wow My dear..You are in love with a child molester...Great job....Stay with him, beg him to take you back,Do whatever it takes including letting him stay home alone with your 10-16 Year old female relatives if you have any....If you don't know what to do about a child molester then you should have yourself checked by a shrink..f**K*** IDIOT...Lucian women again


  12. Whats wrong with some of you women???The guy has shown you he is a pervert and instead you say thank you Lord and run,run,run.You want him back?lord have mercy.Thats why we have so many problems in the world.Where is your brain? Build on your self -esteem by seeking counseling.


  13. Miss u need a cup of coffee or a real kick in your ass to wake up. The guy is a pedophile,a lair n a player yet still u re begging him back. How can u love this guy. I guess the sex was gud n u just want more, it s not about love. Learn to love you first.


  14. most of us women don't know when to stop.the more ur'll get hurt the more keep pushin.plz ur'll make me ashame.I know love is something we can't get over so easily but we hv 2 learn how to let go.WHATEVER IS THERE FOR U WATER WILL NEVER CARRY IT AGAIN.Stop wastin time over just this one dream and find what is fittin for u.Let him go the love will be there but u will be surprise and maybe thankful for lettin u go in the first place.Ur shame n ur dignity is in place,u have good health.he just saved ur life


  15. Really you miss a pedophile? so its okay that he planning to screw the shit out of sum 14 year old kid as long as she's not related to you or anyone you know? Hmmm yet you'll ask wille what to do? May I suggest you seek to raise your self esteem miss, cuz if this guy was planning to screw some other chick, was planning to bang out a 14 year old, broke up with you,and doesn't want you but YOU'RE the one wanting to get back with him??? Uhhhhhh smfh I thought I had heard it all, but this is St Lucia weh all of us and I mean all of us are aiding and abetting crime in one way or another then we proudly ask the government to clean up the mess that we let should've put a picture with this letter so everyone else could know how really sick and twisted you and your ex are........


  16. All he wanted from you was SEX and guess what???? He got what he wanted now he just wants to be friends!!! Young women be wise, close your legs until after marriage or when you know that person is serious about you. Five months is way too early to give your body to this man, hope you learn from this and other young girls reading this. In the mean time, move on with your life, don’t chase love, let love find you, you deserve better. XO


  17. You need to report this man to the police!!!! Print the conversations / take screen shots and report him quickly! Who knows if he hasn't done this to many girls before?!

    If he is talking like that to children imagine what he might do if you have a daughter with him?! Sick, perverted guy and you need to get away!!! Don't let emotions get in the way of proper reasoning.


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