Boyfriend always in his phone

Boyfriend always in his phone

Dear Willie:
I am a young lady who is in love with a guy and it will be a year next month since we’ve been together. And at the moment we live together but I rarely see him due to his work hours.

This is the first guy that my entire family has ever liked. He gives me everything I need or ask for but the problem is his phone. He can text or call people. I do not have a problem with that. The reason I get upset when he’s in his phone, is that since I rarely see him I want us to spend valuable time together.

I know he is a very friendly guy and talks to everyone the same way, which is killing me, because sometimes I feel like he doesn’t treat me this way. But he always makes time for me. What should I do?

Should I accept the fact that he will always be in his phone when we are together? I do not want to breakup with my boyfriend because of this phone issue. Please help me.

Dear Miss: You have not said if you have expressed your concerns to him. You only mentioned that you “get upset”. But how did you get upset? Did you lash out at him or did you feel bad and say nothing?

Whenever there is a problem in a relationship, the first method to tackle the problem effectively is through effective communication. That is sitting down together at a right time and place, and air your concerns.

Tell him you do not like it when he is always on his phone while you’re spending time. I agree with you, that “our time” is “our time”. Less distractions.

He sounds like a good boyfriend to me, so I do not believe you should break up with him for that. This is an issue that can be fixed.

It is good that he makes time for you despite his busy schedule, but you simply need that undivided-attention whenever he makes that time for you.

So it’s best to talk to him now. Do not pick an argument. Just tell him you do not have a problem with him communicating with whosoever but you just need some respectable attention.


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  1. Is this woman's love unconditional? Sounds to me like she only "loves" him because he gives her everything she needs or ask for. How self centered are you, that the world around him should cease to exist because he is spending time you.

    Bruh with the type of hours you work you should be looking for relations and not a relationship. You see she done start nagging already, trust me these garden tools aint loyal.


  2. Just get on your phone as well, go to your room or some private place. when you get on your phone he will notice right away, then you will let him know he spend too much time on his phone so you had no choice but to get his attention that way.


  3. smh.
    Why women always want to break-up or destroy a relationship every-time, is beyond my comprehension.
    I think women are using this break-up thing as a means of POWER over us (GUYS)

    She said that she is IN LOVE WITH THE GUY, yet later she is already bent on BREAKING-UP over a DAMN PHONE.

    Lady get a grip, if you want to move on find a better excuse.

    If you love the GUY why deprive him of your love-making and other forms of love you have to give.
    Why are you so disruptive?


  4. Well if it's his phone he has time for then when he gets horny send him the right place to ....I can't stand when a man gives attention to his phone more than his woman period. When you away from me do as you please, when you get home from work, or are in my presence put away the fone!!!


  5. Easy fix.... Do the same. He on his phone, be on your phone. I'm sure you have facebook on your phone. If he is on his phone be on yours and read some post. There are some funny jokes on there. Have a laugh or few while he is there on his too. Sometimes people don't realise what they are doing till its done to them. Don't give up. He maybe innocently on his phone.


  6. Too often in relationships we do NOT express ourselves appropriately when there is a problem hoping things will change. Communication is very necessary here in a sit down conversation. This may be the time that this guy also gets to talk to friends and family due to his high pressured job. I'm sure family misses him too so don't be too insecure about it, just speak to your man afterall he is in your house and bed!


  7. I do the same thing all the time. My ex couldn't stand it UNTIL she got her own phone. Now she does the same thing. Jealous girl...GO FIGURE.


  8. Live d mun alone gah, let d mun play in his phone, it's not like he can bang out all the chicks on his whatsapp or bbm, even if he's in a relationship wit you he needs his personal time, if you keep bugging him he might think you're too clingy n might, my wife does me the same thing and that annoys the hell out of me......


  9. Why would you even consider breaking up with him after all he does for you ? "He gives me everything I need or ask" You said it yourself MISS ..smh ... This woman is to selfish and self centered


  10. Good advice Willie. Some guys and girls are like that- always on the phone etc. I thinks its a bad habit that needs attention. Good luck girl!


  11. Sit with him and tell him how u feel. I love when my woman and discuss things like that with me. And i try to see myself in that situation. I love to discuss issues like that. Talk to your man


  12. sweetheart if he works all ungodly hours , i take it he is a very busy man , how do you think he is able to give you everything you want, well go find another man that be in your eyes 24-7, and the 2 of you'll will survive on love........


  13. You are so lucky he makes time for you, don't fuss too much about the phone, just have a nice conversation with him and let him know how you feel, I'm sure he'll understand, he seems like a nice guy. Good luck.


  14. Leave your shoes and RUN!

    I know him,trust me he is a liar and a cheat. I am certainly sure he has to travel too. If you check his passport you will see he has never been to half the places he claims. He is a scam, an intelligent one good enough to be labeled sociopath. Run he has a whole bunch of women and all the money he has is borrowed.

    If you check his books you will notice a long list of female names (victims) yours might be 20th to woman, believe me you need to run!

    Half of the things he has claimed to be actively involved in are lies, he just has the right persons in his circle and knows just the right people well enough to feed off their knowledge.



    • GIRL RUN you are the one who sounds like a socio path. this letter has barely any details or info and you want to act like you know the man. Psych, just trying an mess up a good relationship.


      • RUN! Most men would want a good comment from these article to cover up their cheating. You know you can't trust him and this is your reason for writing this. Women need to be mindful of the men who live multiple lives right here in LITTLE st lucia


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