Boy stabs brother in throat over desire to be only child: cops

Boy stabs brother in throat over desire to be only child: cops
A man who identified himself as the boys' stepfather outside the Crown Heights home
A man who identified himself as the boys’ stepfather outside the Crown Heights home

(NEW YORK POST) – An 11-year-old Brooklyn boy wanted so badly to be an only son that he stabbed his sleeping brother in the throat, police sources said Tuesday.

Christian Harper allegedly slashed the right side of 14-year-old brother Alexander’s face and neck at their Crown Heights home at about 2:15 a.m. Monday, ­according to police.

“We were all shocked by this,” the boys’ stepfather, Junior Hamilton, a 37-year-old construction worker, told The Post.

Hamilton was away from the home at President Street and Utica Avenue when the younger grade-schooler — who had been locked in an ongoing feud with his older brother — waited for the teen and his mom, Andrea Hall-Hamilton, to doze off, the sources said.

Christian then grabbed a knife and went for the throat of his brother lying in bed, the sources said.

After the bizarre attack, someone called 911 and cops rushed to the home, where they reportedly were greeted by the young suspect.

Christian immediately confessed to the knifing, according to police.

He allegedly first told cops he had stabbed his brother in bed for no apparent reason — and later added that he did it because he simply didn’t want a sibling, police said.

Alexander was rushed to Kings County Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“He’s OK. Everybody is OK,” Hamilton said Tuesday, without elaborating.

Neighbors were baffled by the stabbing — calling the brothers ­polite and well-behaved.

“They are good kids. I see them walk their grandmother, who is blind, when she’s coming in from her doctor’s appointments,” said a neighbor who declined to reveal her name.

“They are a good family and they are close. They take care of one ­another. She is a good mother,” the neighbor said of Hall-Hamilton.

She added, “I’ve never seen them caught up with cops before. This is very shocking to hear. “

Christian was charged as a juvenile with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, the sources said.

Hall-Hamilton declined to comment Tuesday beyond saying, “I’m not discussing anything with you.”


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