Boy needs financial assistance for treatment overseas

Boy needs financial assistance for treatment overseas
Randell Browne lying on a hospital bed.

The mother of a 9-year-old lad, who has been suffering from Hemophilia for almost all his life, is pleading with the public for financial assistance for urgent medical treatment overseas.

Lisa Browne has said that her son, Randell Browne, who was born in Canada, but has been living in Saint Lucia for the past seven years, needs urgent medical treatment or he could die.

Lisa said that her son’s condition has worsened and she is afraid that he could bleed to death. Randell suffers with severe pain to his joints and muscles caused by severe bleeding.

Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder in which the blood doesn’t clot normally. If you have hemophilia, you may bleed for a longer time than others after an injury.

You also may bleed inside your body (internally), especially in your knees, ankles, and elbows. This bleeding can damage your organs and tissues and may be life threatening.

The blood disorder has sadly placed Randell in and out of hospital for most of his life.

Persons interested in making a donation can do so via Scotia Bank (Account #000063476) or Mon Repos Credit Union (Account #22793), or online at GoFundMe at account HERE

Randell’s knee is seen extremely swollen.

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  1. For those that trumpet "free" doctor visits and routine medical (not dental or prescriptions) procedures available in Canada, you might consider this story that showed up on line today.

    I suspect that this is the tip of the iceberg from what I hear from those i know who have gone up to Canadian hospitals.

    Give me my SLU!.


  2. In the assorted comments in the SNO articles associated with this news item, as a Looshan, I am disappointed at the very loose and seemingly unrestrained and, frankly, overly used and misunderstood use of the word "free" throughout the Comments sections on both pages.

    The SLU I grew up in was based on hard work with fair compensation for results achieved.

    What happened to our great nation's ethic? We walk in the steps of previous giants that helped shape and grow this nation to what was (note past tense) an admirable and respected partner on the geo-regional stage and at world forums.

    When seeking strength in our nation's present time of unsettled and uncertain waters and those that would make our nation less safe, I am reminded of the Bible, specifically Ezekiel 25:17:

    “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”

    Stay strong , sisters and brothers.


  3. Where in Canada is your son living if is in Alberta maybe I can check him out for you if that is ok


  4. Such a liar how dare you after she take ur child in and feed hom and cloth him u never sent any money too her she has proof and reciepts of all the things she did and she never reproached you u ate all the money the donators sent you and its sad now u just want more money to apply for the visa again she never ill treated ur son the fct of the matter is wen u took the child down to saint lucia and his a born canadian obviously if u made him stay there long children aids will obviously enter and ask questions as to why u kept a sick child and you where well aware of the sickness why did u keep him out of his country for soo long knowing damn well medical attention up there is free and down here is not ure not making sensete only reason u came back saintlucia


  5. All of you commenting should really stop and think. Obviously, the birth mother was in Canada illegally, how can she go back to Canada?


    • Is it in the public domain, factually speaking, know that she was in Canada illegally?

      That's running quickly up one long ladder of inference.

      If she was in Canada illegally, she might, keyword might, have been playing the medical tourism card, as many from around the world have also done.

      If she did, it was a crafty move. If he stays here until age 18, them, under Canada's existing "Family Relocation" regulations, he can apply to sponsor his parents to get on the Canadian gravy train as freeloaders. The silver lining is that SLU gets rid of two burdens off our already over-burdened system and unload them on Canada, though they will have a harsh reality check in terms of the social and standard of living price that they will pay to live on social assistance and be at the behest of what can be a surprisingly nasty and slow bureaucratic system. Enjoy their -25 degree winters and living in minority-populated, most of all of the other minorities being prejudiced against black folk, else in black enclaves where we are showing exceptional stupidness in that we are not getting along and are killing each other, when we should be unifying and realizing the vastly unrealized potential of our youth.

      We have seen enough of the greed, opportunism and selfishness that seems to appear in varying shades in this particular case.


  6. Do you people even realize that taking him back to Canada is not so easy ?? I mean how stupid and selfish could one think . you lucians always think things are free that's why you guys will no grow into anything more. immature i must say . Health care is not free in st lucia so why should it be someplace else .


    • Completely agree with your comment.

      Regarding the parasites who assert that health care is free to all "Canadians". Dream on.

      Certain procedures are free to citizena and permanent residents and those who have chosen to abuse their system by taking advantage of "mediical tourism" to birth their baby in Canada.

      Good luck with, in the absence of user pay insurance, paying for all prescription meds, some medical procedures, and all dental.

      I find, generally, the calibre and wait times to be less here than in Canada.

      You want all free? Perhaps find a Canadian to marry you who has a good job with a good pension plan and comprehensive medical insurance plan. I'm sure that those that want it bad enough are willing to give up anything the person asks for, when they ask for it. Good luck with that. Most Canadians know better, hence your free health care as a citizen allows you to see a doctor, perhaps get a blood test, an x-ray, and that's where it stops. Ya bettah bring your wallet, you in for a surprise unless it's a routine test.

      Canadians getting wise to medical tourists.

      And SLU is bottom of the rung on their ladder. Their priority are the 35,000 recent economic Middle Eastern migrants, we best best get used to it.

      We have world-league talent here. Let's develop it. Write our new government tell them we need more resources focused on development and training of our brightest and best to strengthen our medical care capacity, along with the upgraded infrastructure to backstop it.


  7. Aa ! This child was born in Canada..,,Wow ! The child is entiled to FREE healthcare. Miss Browne If you can not go back ..,the help you should be asking for is information on how to get him out..,,to Canada and for someone to care for him while he is there.
    If you can go back...get him to his birth land. Canadian government takes care of its own... kids.for sure.


    • More manifestation of the culture of entitlement and being a medical tourist.

      Dey'll make sure he grows up due to lack of parental funding and lack of parental engagement in a down neighbourhood like Jane-Finch or 2821 or Galloway.

      No CXC excellence, no chance at post secondary education, nevermind graduating high school, but it's all good, he gets to go to the walk-in clinic for free, too bad he can't afford the meds prescribed to him.

      Maybe he survives to 18 without his name being pulled up as "known to the police" due to being deserted and seeking the warming familial environment that gang and thug life has to offer.

      But, again, free appointments at the walk-in clinic, it all makes it worthwhile.

      There was a remark made about the Canadian government "takes care of their own". That is a sorely mistaken perception, and I speak with a broad range of knowledge and experience. "The system", i.e. the Canadian government, and rightly so, does not view medical tourists and hangers-on as "their own". That's where the unspoken, and very polite, institutional walls and barriers get raised. Contribute to SLU's Gross Domestic Product (i.e. educate train, work) in whatever progressive responsible jobs, you get respect, you get cred. Same thing in Canada.

      I suspect that the sentiment expressed might be somewhat dreaming in Technicolour. Times have changed in Canada due to abuse of the system.

      It is truly a shame.


  8. Folks it is not always easy to get free medical care in those big countries even though one was born there. Even with health insurance, sometimes it may cost a fortune. Yes they may be more equipped to treat someone but typically comes at an exorbitant price.
    Wishing the lad all the best.


    • Medical attention for any citizen is free. Medical attention can't be denied to anyone under Canadian law. Don't know her reason for returning to st.lucia so I can't judge but if her son was born with this rare medical condition I would not return home. I would eat salt and get my child the help he needs.


      • Please cite your definition of free "medical attention" so as not to unexpected;y raise ppl's expectations.

        Those expectations need to be managed.

        To wit:

        Emerg? Yes.
        Seeing a doctor or walk-in clinic and getting routine tests/blood work? Yes.
        Certain specialized diagnostics related to acute issues? No. Bring your wallet.
        Certain rehabilitation: No. Bring your wallet.
        Certain specialized analytics? No. Bring your wallet.
        Certain mental health-related assessment and counselling: No. Bring your wallet.
        Any prescription medications prescribed during the free visit? No. Bring your wallet.
        Dental? No. Bring your wallet.

        Canada is not the free-ride heaven that many amongst us would either hope else believe it to be.

        Gotta go in with your eyes very, very fully open


  9. This boy was born in Canada just send him back there mother u should know the laws of the Canadians they always take care of their own.


  10. Am here to support 100%. But i have a question for the mom if your son was born seek why would you take him down to st lucia where there is absolutely no medical care for his condition. This child should be 100% covered by law in Canada. Be law he is a citizens of Canada.


    • I was not the one who brought him down his dad did and left him for me I would never do my son that I love him too much tears


  11. Please woman why don't you take your son back where he belong? Why let him suffer in in St.Lucia when he can get great health care for his illness? Something is wrong here,why fleece the people that cannot help themselves especially in this critical time. Woman please get up from your backside and take the poor child where he belong thank you, do not let him suffer uselessly when better can be done.


  12. Can't the mom not approach the Canadian charities and hospital for help.Since he was born there and he is a citizen they would be open in helping him.Poor child, will donate.


    • Canadian charities, as is the Canadian government's focus, is now on its recent intake of 35,000 economic migrants and their health care needs. Politically, from what I understand, their new government's attention is elsewhere, one boy involved in questionable domestic bayteez would not be on their radar screen.

      Perhaps the Canada-St. Lucia associations in Canada can do some fundraising activities, they seem to be active and it appears that life in Canada has done will by them, perhaps time to give back and do some fundraising. Looking at the weather web site, it seems that they're still having good warm weather, perhaps get them to have an outdoor fundraiser BBQ, couldn't hurt.

      It would also boost and reinforce the Canadian Looshans' community of the challenges, issues and opportunities regarding SLU's management of its relations with Canada.


  13. Sorry for this young boy! If he was born in Canada he should be able to get free health care....hope the community get together and help out.


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