BOSL supports Grow Well Remedial Reading Programme

BOSL supports Grow Well Remedial Reading Programme

Bank of Saint Lucia has lent its support to the Grow Well Remedial Reading Programme for another consecutive year.

The programme was designed as a youth development tool to improve the literacy level of youth in the Gros Islet community. The programme provides instruction in the areas of: remedial language, life skills and independent reading.

The programme staff consists of volunteer educators including principals, teachers, special education instructors, peace corps personnel, volunteer coordinators and evaluators. The overall goal of the programme is the gradual assimilation into the school curriculum.

Assistant Manager Corporate Communications, Omari Frederick says “Bank of Saint Lucia is proud to back this great initiative since reading skills are critical to the wholesome development of our youth. This fits in nicely with our CSR philosophy which has a heavy focus on youth development in the areas of education, sports, the arts & culture.”

The Grow Well Programme was started by the Rotary Club over 17 years ago and has achieved a number of successes to date. Some of the former participants no longer require the remedial support and have comfortably assimilated into the classrooms at various schools.

This year the programme has registered a number of children from the Gros Islet community Grow Well Inc. programmes include the After School Library, Girl’s Circle, Arts & Craft, Annual School Quiz, CARE School programme, Club 60 and Junior Golf.


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