BOSL leads the way in supporting education modernisation

BOSL leads the way in supporting education modernisation

Students and teachers of the St. Aloysius RC Boys Infant School are now equipped with the tools to maximize the use of information and communication technology and revolutionise the learning experience.

Thanks to ECFH and its subsidiary Bank of Saint Lucia, RC Boys Infants now has a brand new computer lab dubbed the Literacy Centre.

The facility was officially opened this week.

The computer lab has been fully refurbished, retrofitted and equipped with new computer hardware, software and network connections. It is a significant contribution that the Bank and its parent company ECFH have made to this institution as part of its programme of preparing our students for the challenges of the digital world.

Principal of RC Boys Infant, Andrewna Gill told the gathering: “We at the St. Aloysius RC Boys School are in the business of educating our boys. Today, thanks to ECFH and Bank of Saint Lucia, we are one step closer to integrating modern technology and literacy.”

Senior Manager – Marketing and Corporate Communications at ECFH, Maria Fowell, described the project at RC Boys Infant as “a massive one” for the company. She said she was especially proud of the ECFH staff who were integrally involved in the project at every stage.

Fowell said: “Very often we get involved in projects and we may give a cheque, but in this particular project we had the involvement of our staff in a very big way, and we are all very proud of their contribution to this project.”

Teacher at RC Boys Infant, Mrs. Alexander, thanked ECFH for the spanking new and fully-equipped computer lab.

She said: “It will provide our students with access to 21st century learning tools that will enhance their learning experience.”

Mrs. Alexander said instruction in the Literacy Centre (computer lab) will foster social interaction and collaboration skills, helping students to build self-confidence. Consequently, she said teachers will be better able to manage their class times and prepare literacy activities to meet the diverse needs of their students.

Senior Manager of IMTS Lyndon Arnold said ECFH places a high premium on human resource development. He noted that some ECFH staff are past students of RC Boys Infant and some future employees may well come from RC Boys Infant. So it’s an investment in education, in the youth, and in the future.

This is a groundbreaking initiative, as BOSL is leading way in modernizing education with this provide fully-equipped computer lab.

Access to the internet is no longer a privilege and BOSL is well aware of the impact that technology is having on education and learning. BOSL sees this as a sound investment in our youth and in education. It is part of the group’s philosophy of enriching lives and equipping our people with the tools and skills for success.


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