BOSL launches “My Way”

BOSL launches “My Way”

PRESS RELEASE – The power of banking in your hands and on your time. This was the premise behind the official launch of Bank of Saint Lucia’s (BOSL) “My Way” programme at its head office on Bridge Street, Castries.

“My Way” banking is the new umbrella brand for BOSL’s Suite of Convenience Banking Services. Officials from Bank of Saint Lucia indicated that continued investments in technology and innovation enhance customers’ experience to effectively transact their banking on their own terms.

According to the General Manager of Bank of Saint Lucia, Hadyn Gittens, as the largest bank in the country, BOSL wants customers to perceive banking not as an interruption to their daily routine but rather as a part of their daily lives. He stated that, “My Way gives customers the power to conduct their banking at a time and a place that is most convenient to them. It puts the power of banking in their hands.”

My Way represents the Bank’s continued commitment to revolutionizing banking culture, as one which is more customer focused. My Way includes billboards, press, radio and television commercials, social media and digital media. Staff of the institution also played an integral role in the roll out of the programme with a number of employees participating in the filming of the television commercial alongside a cast of very familiar St. Lucian faces.

For BOSL, My Way emphasizes convenience and customer empowerment through the use of one of any combination of convenience banking services to make their lives simpler and hassle free.

The convenience suite includes: Online Banking, Mobile Banking & Mobile Banking App, ATM & Cash Dispenser Services, Debit and Credit Card Services and Point of Sale Devices & Wireless Services. My Way is one of bank’s latest initiatives and demonstrates BOSL’s commitment to delivering value in all aspects of service.



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