BOSL helps build happy homes

BOSL helps build happy homes

PRESS RELEASE – Bank of St. Lucia is making it easier to own a piece of ‘Fair Helen’ by offering favourable rates on home construction, the purchase of house and land, or the consolidation of debts related to home ownership.

BOSL recently launched its Happy Homes campaign, offering mortgage loans at a competitive interest rate of only 6.99 percent. Customers are being encouraged to take advantage of this offer in light of the difficult economic times and also stand to benefit from the real estate environment that is primarily a “buyer’s market” at this time.

Land is a valuable resource and arguably the most solid investment one can make. It appreciates in value with the passage of time. Owning a home is one of the most empowering feelings one can have. Homeownership gives you a sense of independence, privacy and security. Best of all, the satisfaction of a place you can call your own is priceless.

Not only is home ownership a sound investment, it helps build equity which one can use for other important life goals such as higher education. Home ownership is a more viable and sensible option.

General Manager of Bank of Saint Lucia Haydyn Gittens said: “Happy Homes is part of our broader Group mission of Enriching Lives. At Bank of Saint Lucia, we take our role as an indigenous bank very seriously. With nearly 90,000 customers on island we are fully committed to helping as many customers as possible own a piece of the St. Lucian pie and build happy homes, healthy families, a close-knit society and a stronger economy. We are cognizant of the fact that our very survival as a corporate entity is contingent on the sustenance of vibrant, healthy and progressive people and communities.”

The Happy Homes package comes with special incentives which include a Visa Debit Card with the first year’s fee waived. Customers with house/land loans of up to $100,000 qualify for Visa Classic, and those with Loans above $100,000 qualify for Visa Gold.

Happy Homes customers will also qualify for a 50 percent reduced commitment fee as well as a discount on construction Insurance from EC Global. Premium financing is also available from EC Global for home insurance.


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  1. Dee was just checking out the same info yesterday on the bank's website
    If all else fails call them.


  2. I am interested in building a 2 bedroom house in st lucia. What are the inquiries to apply for a loan?


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