Bordelais boss comments after senior officer busted with drugs and other contraband at facility

Bordelais boss comments after senior officer busted with drugs and other contraband at facility

(SNO) — Deputy Director of the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) Leonard Terrance has said criminal activities at the prison will not be tolerated after a senior officer was arrested on Monday, March 11 for trafficking contraband into the facility.

The veteran officer was reportedly busted with marijuana, sim cards, razors, lighters, cigarettes and other contraband.

The officer is expected to be charged for the offence/s later.

Speaking to HTS, Terrance, who is also the officer in charge, confirmed that the incident occurred but could not provide details because the case is under police investigation.

However, he said: “I don’t know of any organisation that allows for any illicit activities to take place … and ours is no different.”

Reports are that the BCF was arrested for a similar case a few years ago but the matter was dismissed.


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  1. Wow the whole damn place corrupt !! smh... Even if you pay these salops more money, they too greedy to leave the drugs alone!


  2. That's the same way criminals and thugs get guns...from those who have 'legal' access to it.


  3. Corruption in high places are the root cause of our dire economic situation. We need to arrest corrupt government officials and make others accountable for their failures and incompetence.


  4. what happend to the female officer some years ago that got caught also? did this go under the carpet to?


  5. all of them doing it. so now yall see how we getting guns on the streets of course. its from these very same officers. the police force is corrupt to the core and if you not doing borbol you not getting anywhere in life. it must be a situation like the last incident of the AC tech they got doing this same thing, they greedy and someone who knows they have been doing this illegal activity for the longest while snitched on them cause they were greedy.


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