Bolivarian Government started offensive in the face of financial siege imposed by the national and international right wing


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(RNV) – The Vice President for the Economic Area, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, reported that it was already made official in the Official Gazette No. 6,354, dated December 31, 2017, circulating this Wednesday, the increase of a 40% in the minimum wage, approved on Sunday by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro.

From the press room of Miraflores Palace, he explained that in 2018 the Bolivarian Government started in offensive in the face of the financial and economic siege imposed by the national and international right wing.

“But despite having had a reduction of more than three quarters of the historical income that he had for 18 years, President Maduro has made seven increases in the legal minimum wage since January 2016-2017 which represents a 618% in recent months “, he said.

It is part of the public policies promoted by President Nicolas Maduro in economic matters and which are part of the five laws already approved by the National Constituent Assembly.

“To address the fiscal issue, the productive development of the mining arch, the agricultural production with the creation of Agro Sur and the consolidation of the Local Supply Councils, the Great Mission for Sovereign Supply and the most recent law approved as Foreign Investment that is practically guarantees not only those who will bring resources to this nation, but guarantees sovereignty and territorial integrity and fair work, “said the Vice President for the economy area.

For Castro Soteldo, the recent laws approved by the ANC such as those for Foreign Investment and Planning and Land Management “will generate an opening throughout the national territory.”

Regarding the increase of the minimum wage of 40%, he assured that until this January 3, all the organs of the State have complied with the instructions for the salary increase decreed by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

“It is a promise fulfilled by President Maduro, they are economic measures that have been guaranteeing peace in the country, they can not be measured in the number of items that we can buy, it is about raising the consciousness of the people and now we are in a new offensive economic to defend the people. ”

He concluded by saying that very soon the use of the crypto-currency will begin, which he defined as a novel structure of change in the world.

“It has to do with a digital currency with physical support, with real support in our tangible wealth and will surely encourage other countries to use it and follow our example, I mean those countries that are being economically, politically and socially besieged as Venezuela”.

He called on all the living forces of the country to participate in the construction of the Homeland Plan 2019-2025 and in this way be part of the economic, political and social takeoff of the country.

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