Boisden Jacmel residents harassed by violent homeless man

Boisden Jacmel residents harassed by violent homeless man
Arrow pointing to damage done to a window by a stone allegedly thrown by 'Brade', a man of unsound mind.
Arrow pointing to damage done to a window by a stone allegedly thrown by ‘Brade’, a man of unsound mind.

A man who may be of unsound mind is wreaking havoc in Boisden Jacmel, Castries.

According to reports, “Brade” (only name given) who is a resident of that community, may need urgent medical attention.

Residents of the area are now living in fear as Brade would usually attack anyone he comes into contact with.

One concerned citizen, Alicia James, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the situation is becoming a growing concern and is hopeful that the relevant authorities can intervene and get Brade the attention he needs.

James said, Brade, who is homeless and roams the streets day and night, would attack children and any passersby.

“They have to run when they see him because he would hit them if he catches them,” she added.

Just recently, James said he threw stones at her house.

“This is something he always does to my home, the neighbours, everyone is saying they will do something about the situation, they will report it, but nothing is being done,” the frustrated woman told SNO.

James explained that a number of reports have been made with the police about his behaviour. While police have responded to a few of the reports, nothing has been done to take Brade off the streets.

“When I asked them to take him to the Mental Wellness Centre, the police said that is not their responsibility and that a family member should take him,” she explained.

James related that Brade’s relatives have moved from the area because of his behaviour and have not returned since.

“I am not sure where to find them, to ask them to take him to the centre because he needs help. I wanted to take him to the centre myself, but because of his behaviour I have not been able to do so.”

The concerned citizen said Brade would wait at the school to attack the children, at the church, and on the streets with stones.

James expressed disgust at the situation and is hopeful that by making the issue public Brade will be able to get the medical attention he needs and that the community can return to normalcy.


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  1. I agree that brad should be taken of the streets right now but ... I know brad he was in my class in stage one and we encountered a situation that I could never forget. He also fought with my stage one teacher. Brad has had a problem from stage one and I obviously knew it although at the time I was only 5. But now im raising the question has brad ever been assessed when he gave so much trouble at such a tender age? If he was, maybe this behavior today could have been avoided... I hope and pray when we see signs in our children we begin to address it as soon as possible. His mother is dead now... I hope something is done before he kills someone or someone kills him... I hope he knows I am sorry for pouring juice over his head in stage one.


  2. Where are his families to seek assistance so they can take him to the wellness center. They are waiting until someone kills him to come out blowing their trumpets!!!Don't tell me this young man has no family member who can liaise with him to at less take him to a Dr.? This will end up in a tragedy, mental people do not like anyone in uniform especially the police. If you send the police to him he will attack them, they will defend themselves. Some family member please intervene.


  3. but i see brad at my uncles house these days .. he eats there . saw him there this morning evn .. i alwayss feel sorry fr him


  4. The matter can be resolved easily if only a member of the man's family specifically ask for police assistance. The person will then be apprehended and committed to the mental hospital. The problem is too many family members are afraid of being labeled by others... as having "put" the person in the mental hospital. We must change this archaic mindset and accept mental health as a widespread sickness requiring treatment.


  5. Some people eh if the authorities come in and he attacks them then gets shot hospitalized and or eventually dies then excessive force is the talk of the day like really after all he is from the community and no known relative or a mutual person he would recognize can hamper the situation. This should be interesting what happens next


  6. I have made countless reports at the Anse la raye police station concerning Brad.This situation is very serious.Brad has attacked my aunt on countless occasions...including one time in church....full of people.
    He has broken my mother's windows with stones.
    I have gone all out to see what can be done about if anyone can assist please please please HELP


  7. They are waiting for someone to get hurt or killed before they do something. It is their responsibility to take him to the wellness centre if he is a threat. I made a call a few years ago for a similar situation and they complained about responding. I asked if they were waiting for him to kill someone and guess what a few weeks later he did. We need to make this a team effort. The community, police and wellness centre.


  8. those in authority should see to it that this man is out of harm's way because someone might just kill him out of fear.


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