Bois D’Orange Bridge Project to commence in six weeks


Another major infrastructure project will commence here soon under the government of Saint Lucia’s Bridge Maintenance Programme.

The Bois D’Orange Bridge Project is scheduled to get under way in six to eight weeks with funding from the World Bank.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Philip J Pierre is urging road users to exercise some patience and tolerance as they will experience some delays when using the by-pass road at Bois D Orange.

“This project will be financed by the World Bank and the bids for this project were derived from an international competitive bidding process and are currently under review, and we hope that an award will be made by the Central Tender shortly to be sent to the World Bank for the No Objection and then the work will commence,” Pierre said.

The Ministry of Infrastructure is also working alongside the United States Army Corps of Engineers to review and assess the existing designs for the construction of a new state of the art Choc Bridge.

The deputy prime minister said this capital intensive programme in the north of the island will coincide with other bridge construction projects throughout the country.

Rehabilitation of two bridges in the hurricane-ravaged town of Soufriere are top of the work agenda.

“Very shortly the government of Saint Lucia will commence the complete rehabilitation of the Mocca and Deville bridges in Soufriere, together these projects are anticipated to cost $4.8 million and will be constructed under a finance and build mechanism. In this regard, the government of Saint Lucia’s repayment obligation will only commence after both bridges have been satisfactorily completed based on the technical and quality imperatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Such forms of public and private sector partnerships will play a significant role in the development of our nation’s infrastructure in the coming months,” he said.

The deputy prime minister again assured that all infrastructure projects to be undertaken by the government of Saint Lucia will be executed with the principles of accountability and transparency.


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  1. Whenever most gov says a project will commence soon, lets say e.g. 8weeks the average reader should view these timelines with a grain of salt .. mr. Phillip j. Pierre already announcing a date for constructing the bois d'orange even b4 the tendering for this project has began... my best guess the bois d' orange bridge might start construction Not in sept/ oct But more like january 2014 .. just watch & see ppl.. WHEN STLU. GOV GIVES A TIME FRAME FOR ANY PROJECT UNDERTAKEN BY THEM .. ADD AN ADDITIONAL 6 Months atleast to the actual commencement of construction... THE BIGGER THE PROJECT THE LONGER IT WILL TAKE TO ACTUALLY START.. a yr + sometimes .. its true do some research into previous budgets of both UWP SLP


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