UPDATE: Body found in Vieux Fort believed to be that of Micoud man

UPDATE: Body found in Vieux Fort believed to be that of Micoud man

A family from the south of the island believes that the body of a male that was found on the coastline of Mathurin’s Point, Vieux Fort on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 is that of their relative, Damian Cherubin, also known as Fire.

Cherubin is originally from Dugard, Micoud but was living at La Ressource, Vieux Fort, his cousin Adelle Janna Doxey told St. Lucia News Online on Wednesday, late afternoon.

According to a police press release, on Friday, May 24, 2019, at about 7:30 p.m. whilst on a routine patrol, the Police Marine Unit vessel stopped a local canoe, named “Corrie”, about 100 yards off Mathurin’s Point, Vieux Fort.

Police said the fiber glass canoe contained 63 pounds of cannabis which was seized by the officers and resulted in the arrest of Martinez Fontenelle, of Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

The second occupant of the boat jumped overboard in an attempt to flee the lawmen, police said.


“Searches were conducted in the area for the said individual, but to no avail,” the release stated.

However, on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, police said the body of a male, believed to be the second occupant aboard the vessel, was recovered at a beach along Mathurin’s Point.

“Formal identification has not taken place, and as such, this cannot be confirmed at this time. An update will be provided in due course,” police said.

Fontenelle, who is reportedly the captain of the boat, was subsequently charged for possession of a controlled drug. He has appeared in the Second District where he was granted bail, police said.

Meanwhile, Doxey said relatives are planning to travel to Castries on Friday to formally identify the body.

According Doxey, some people or someone called the family on Monday (May 27) to inform them of what occurred on the boat on Friday,  May 24, that led to her cousin allegedly jumping overboard and the arrest of Fontenelle.

“That’s when they went to where he was staying and they told them what apparently happened, because the captain (Fontenelle) wasn’t allowed to contact anyone once he was arrested,” Doxey claimed.

She said it was Cherubin’s sister and his father who found his body on Tuesday, around 2 p.m.

“That was when my cousin video-called me to show me his body,” she said.

Doxey described Cherubin as her “favourite cousin”. She said he was unemployed and had one daughter.

St. Lucia News Online asked her if she is aware of her brother being involved in any illegal activity, and she responded: “I heard he was in hospital last year. He was shot by the police, don’t know the reason why.”


She added: “When I visited St. Lucia last year I had to to go to the prison to see him and I didn’t question him about what happened.”

A person purporting to be Cherubin’s brother took to Facebook to comment on Cherubin’s demise, saying that police will have to answer questions on his brother’s death because none of the answers are straight. According to the person, “it is true” that Cherubin jumped “but what about the other side of the story?”

Under the same post, Doxey also blamed the lawmen: “Police is the cause of my favourite cousin’s life but don’t worry, God is not sleeping…. 63 kilos, they will share it among themselves.”


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  1. some of these comments that i read on a day to day basis make me ashamed to say that i am a saint lucian cause some of us really act like we have no commonsense. (I guess it is because it can't be taught in a classroom) the guy jumped off the boat in an attempt to evade law enforcement and avoid prosecution why does that have anything to do with the government of why cast blame on the police. SLP was in office for god knows how long they didnt legalize ganja why is pressure being placed on UWP then again even if it is made legal it will be with regulations


  2. Just legalize the weed, nothing is worst than cigarettes and alcohol which are legal. Stop the hypocrisy. The illegality of marijuana was design to target certain groups of people. It is a bunch wack.


  3. All the time fire doing bad things relatives never warm him . he was wanted by the police that's why he jumped overboard . stop you all nonesense . fire and the captain are drug dealers.


  4. @Manni, @somebody in the area...
    Well said ??????...thank you...tell it to them....some of them knows nothing about the individual but they quick to jump on police.....avaitay tan...


    Cant agree more with you guys.......... ..dae ban embesil, everything they wana blame police ,not sayin they to don't have their wrong doings,when them people have their dirty works doing..none of them knows about it, the minute they get shot ,or dead..thats when police is to be blamed...let police do their work..or put yourselves in their shoes..or moreover take on their jobs choops tan..


  6. He new exactly why he jump off cuz its not to long ago he was released from jail .... is how you live your life .... he thought he could have swim to land ..... he was shot.... arrested wat does that tell you about the individual police has nun to do with that cuz he new if he stayed his ass was grass


  7. Yall deh crying and saying police that cause fire to die ? NOPE.


  8. why jump off the boat when u cannot swim anywhere far before the police boat u pick you up?
    Not even a mad person will try that.


  9. The guy fell from the boat is the message relayed by the captain , no search n rescue was ever done, every1 thought he was arrested n the captain thought he made it home.


  10. Micoud people don't blame the police, blame the person all you voted for. Had he taken the step to formally legalize marijuana this would not have happened. Anyway Micoud people the PM referred to all you as illiterates.


  11. Well I have a question; did he jump or was he pushed? I now believe very little of anything these policemen men say.


  12. Wat did the police do wrong. The guys were doing their job. Couldnt he stayed on board like the other guy ? U would swear the police push the guy in the water the way uall laying blame on the policemen smdh. Soon to b legalized but it's not now


  13. Are we that idiotic? So why didn't the other guy jump? The police made the guy jump overboard? He is silly if you ask me. The police intercepted the boat , the guy could have remained onboard got arrested and placed on bail. Marijuana is still illegal.....and even if it was decriminalized it would be under certain conditions whether for medicinal purposes or in limited quantities or with a permit etc. The guy is to be blamed for his death.


  14. Did the police ask him to dump off the boat his friend is alive now and he is dead that shows u he is a coward the same way his friend was granted bail but he know why he jump off the boat not to long ago he was release from jail well he took his life the police didnt ask him to jump he to stupid


  15. I hope the police are happy because they are the reason he is dead. This is a human life ! Marijuana is legal most places so what's the crime?


    • James stop being an idot how can the police be happy did they ask him to jump u see the mentality of some ppl police stop u all u do u stop u surrender u give up runnin away can have u killed u can get shot thats show u that u are guilty of runnin away


      • We lucians are so dumb. Why would he jump off the boat? To run where? To swim where? Who in their right mind will jump off a boat in Dem kinda water. SMH wake up lucians. Rip fire


      • Max the jackass,
        Why should someone that can't swim and has iron in his leg jump off a boat??
        A story always has two sides,you'll too quick to judge.
        Ye that is without sin cast the first stone


  16. I guess the police believe the marijuana is worth the persons life , something that is on the verge of being legalized. Had the authorities acted quicker to decriminalize it this guy would be alive today. The police has blood on their hands.


    • If the person was alive and marijuana legalized soon enough, based on his character that I have read in the comments... I bet he would resort to another form of illegal activity......you reap what you so.


  17. Very Sad end ,no one needs to die this way, police need to stop the planes and ships that bring hard drugs and firearms ,65 lb of weed is not worth a life, ease up POLICE on the small boatman


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