Body found in La Ressource believed to be missing man

Body found in La Ressource believed to be missing man


A badly decomposed body that was found in the La Ressource river at Vieux Fort today is believed to be that of a 55-year-old man from Cantonment who was reported missing since Tuesday.

While police is yet to confirm the identity of the body, relatives of the missing man, Joseph Jn Baptiste, alias ‘Friday’ were called in by police to identity the body.

A relative said, “the description of the cell phone in his pocket was enough to identify him but she (his sister) is going to Castries today to see if she can identify him.”

Police are now awaiting an autopsy report on the body to determine whether it is that of Jn Baptiste.


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  1. No matter what, it appears to me that St. Lucia, from V/Fort to Gros Islet has become
    a very frightening place to live.Now let me ask; what has become of that little Island
    Paradise? It appears that the evil one has landed and some have been caught in its web.


  2. Is that normal? Looks like every day they are finding missing persons dead , i mean a 55 year old can't just go missing just our of the Blues. Is he a mentally sick. That's does not add up. I hope we don't have a serial killer on the island killing people hanging them and make it look suicides. Hope not lord


    • I knew this guy personally and I know he wasn't so up right. But a life no man or woman should take a life. As far as I can see this should be considered a homicide and not just a missing man found dead. Criminals believe they have out smarted the law is situation like this where no figures can be point to an individual or person. But it's a criminal act and we need to treat it as a criminal act deserving punishment to whoever perpetrated it.


  3. 99.9% it's him based on these factors. (1) The only one reported missing in that vicinity and perhaps nation wide. (2) Body found within two miles from his dwelling and seems to fit his age description.


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