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Body found in Bexon drain believed to be that of missing man

By SNO Staff

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The decomposing body discovered in a drain along the Bexon Highway this afternoon is believed to be that of a Bexon resident who has not been seen since Wednesday, according to law enforcement sources.

The body is suspected to be that of 37-year-old Windy Sylvester.

The body was discovered face-down in the drain, near a motorcycle, around 4 p.m. in an area called ‘Around The Bend’.

Sylvester drives an identical motorcycle, sources say.

Police sources theorise Sylvester was knocked off his motorcycle by another vehicle, which apparently did not stop.

Police cordone off the area where the body was found.

Police cordone off the area where the body was found.


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  1. Whatsoever a man sows, that he shall reap. The person can hide from us but not from God. Pay day is coming. This is so sad. He is a human being, not a dog. Mercy Lord.


  2. Wow I wish I had known this man he seem to be who st.lucians used to be such consistent praise from so many people is rare..condolences to all hi family and friends.


  3. I do not think he was hit and left there. He was murdered and dropped off there.


  4. RIP


  5. This is very strange...the whole of bexon is residential,no one heard a bang or a crashing sound unto a stage of decomposition,saaddd!i know this individual by his personality...very kind and respectful.rest in peace brother life was never promise forever to none of us.


  6. I swear this is so heart breaking I can't even get over it yet...You were such a joy to be around...wouldn't hesitate to do a thing for my family...you were like a brother to us...the last time I saw you just keeps replaying in my head and tears come down my face....It's beautiful to see only nice things being said about you because you were honestly a wonderful person...Rest in Perfect Peace Windy


  7. I no windy such a nice person he,his cousin an sister use to spend time with us at morn_du_don his nickname is cock fly so sad to hear RIP cock fly


  8. so sad. R.I.P my bro


  9. Omg omg omg noooo this is the lovely lad that took me to the airport last year, oh no oh my heart is breaking. ????? he treated me so nice I had excess at the airport he drove everywhere this Sunday to get me a bag am crying


  10. if only i knew the last time that i saw u would be the last id hug n kiss u n tell u how much i loved u . u are gone nd will never be forgotten.so ppl pls lets cherish our loved ones as we still have the tym and to the driver who knocked u over and left u to die god knows and sees all things and the worse thing is to have a guilty conscience eating u up inside


    • Very well said....Accept my heart felt and sincere condolences....May his soul rest in peace peace


  11. I'm heartbroken by this news. Windy was a very good friend and very jovial. The last time I saw him last year, we had some good laughs. He was always so funny. My condolences goes out to the family. May his souls rest in peace. Cocky, you will be missed!


  12. The person who did this affi burn in hell fire!


    • To the person who did this, you're a coward and a heartless POS, but the all knowing and all seeing God know who you are, just like you, remember he is somebody pickney too, he has love ones who is hurting right now.one mother's cry is all mother's cry.
      In this our lovely paradise today, some of us are acting like school on Sunday ,NO CLASS.
      Trust me KARMA will get you.


  13. My G so they kill u so sad Rio my bro


  14. Some ppl are so heartless it's unbelievable.


  15. straight SHOOTER

    == too many crazy drivers and motor cycle riders on our roads. please drive and ride safely.===


  16. Heartless!!


  17. R.I.P. my dear friend. You didn't deserve to leave us that way. U always be remembered by me.


  18. Oh m geeee!!! My heart started pounding harder than normal reading this. Whatever it is that happened, it is just sad, sigh!!!! Let us all pray for our country and our people. God hear our cry as a people. Let us all come together as one. I'm just here talking, I know that this may not be near possible but I'm just hoping. One put down our brothers and sisters and expect to be blessed. I am not perfect, I am only human. May God be with us all.


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