Bocage/Sunbilt Road Rehabilitation Project final phase underway

Bocage/Sunbilt Road Rehabilitation Project final phase underway

04_Road constructionPRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport wishes to inform motorists and the General Public that from Friday 22nd January 2016, works to complete the Bocage/Sunbilt Road Rehabilitation project would resume. This final phase is a continuation of the original project.

This final phase of the project will include raising of manholes, applying the asphaltic concrete wearing course to approximately 2900 metres and accompanying road markings and signage. These works will be carried out by Nationwide Mobile Concrete Suppliers Ltd, and are estimated to last for 60 days.

Motorists and pedestrians are advised to pay attention to the road signs and warning, and should exercise caution.


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  1. It's good that they are finally puting my registration and licencing monies to proper use..but I can still say not enough is being done by this ministry to fix and maintain roads around the island...Not just fixing but good engineering of roads so that they do not get deplorable in short time...which means proper drainage, maintenance of the roadsides etc...Look at the Millennium's a mess...and all the government is concerned with is roads in the north...cause I guess that's the only place they got votes...right?


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