Bocage man survives brutal chopping attack

Bocage man survives brutal chopping attack
Inglis had multiple slashes and chop wounds to the head.
Inglis had multiple slashes and chop wounds to the head.
Inglis sustained multiple chop wounds to the head.

A Bocage farmer is nursing injuries to his head, after he was brutally chopped by someone or a group of individuals.

Reports are that Johnny Inglis, left his home to attend to his farm on Sunday, January 3, at about 8:39 a.m., but never returned.

Relatives said they became worried and went around the community, to inquire about his whereabouts.

But after they couldn’t locate him, they formed a search party with the help of neighbours. This also proved unsuccessful.

However, Inglis showed up the next day, with deep chop wounds to his head. Based on the severity of the lacerations, relatives believe that it must have been inflicted on him, with the use of a cutlass.

Inglis was rushed to Victoria Hospital, where he remains a patient. He does not recall what happened.

Police have been on the ground carrying out their investigations.

Relatives are urging anyone with information about this incident to contact the police.


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  1. What the hell is going on in St.Lucia? When did chopping and stabbings became the norm on the island? I think we should bring back operation Restore Confidence . Mr. Police commissioner give our offices the tools they all need to eradicate some of those heartless useless good for nothing thugs we have on the island. Let them know that our officers will shoot to kill their asses. And that so called human rights activist better keep her ass quite you heard. My island is becoming like those congo countries where this kind of behavior is an everyday life. Hunt those criminals and bring them to justice with death by hanging as the punishment. Jah.


  2. These people are heartless, no responsibility, no soul, no conscience, no good blood in their veins, Thats what thieves do. They come to steal but in a frame of mind that they will kill if interrupted. These are a breed of people who want their needs ready made. Why can't they find something to do so that they won't have steal and cause innocent people harm?


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