‘Bob’ Hathaway’s body bore “apparent wounds” – police report

By SNO Staff

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Robert ‘Bob’ Hathaway

(SNO) –Police said the lifeless body of British national and longtime Saint Lucia resident, Robert ‘Bob’ Hathaway, was discovered with “apparent wounds”, according to a press release on Tuesday.

The bloodied body of Hathaway was reportedly discovered in his residence in Piat, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet by a neighbour.

Officers from the Gros Islet Police Station responded “to a report of a suspicious death” at about 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 13, the release stated.

The release said the 66-year-old was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner.


A law enforcement source told St. Lucia News Online that Hathaway may have been stabbed and/or beaten to death, however a post-mortem will confirm the official cause of death,

The police release further stated that the post-mortem is scheduled for a “subsequent date” and that “the circumstances surrounding his death are currently under investigation”.

In 2001 Hathaway sailed to Saint Lucia and built a home, and founded a business — Marigot Sunshine Ltd. — several years later.

According to Hathaway’s Facebook account, he was divorced, studied engineering at University of Cambridge, and hailed originally from Codford Saint Peter, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

Keats Compton, president of the Marine Industries Association of Saint Lucia and a close friend of Hathaway, called his death “horrific”, according to a Press Association (PA) news agency report.

“Apart from anything else, Bob was a pal of mine. He was on the executive committee of the (Marine Industries) Association and he was an integral part of it. I’m also concerned because the yachting fraternity is very close-knit, and the fact that this kind of thing can happen – if it’s not reported properly it can do the industry quite a lot of damage,” the PA quoted Compton as saying.

Hathaway’s death is Saint Lucia’s first homicide for 2019.

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  1. Sad loss. RIP Bob.

  2. Malcolm L'Overture

    First of all, I would like to know why are we giving priority to this death or the deaths of white Britons? What planet are we living on? This ugly incident reeks of Colonial overtones. It seems to me that the murder or in this case the death of anyone white and British takes precedence and priority over any other in this country. All deaths should be investigated fully and that goes without saying. Why should the death of any White Englishman be afforded priority? Who gives a flaming toss what the dozy and uncaring British public think? The Police should work to help bring to justice anyone who commits murder or breaks the law.

    This murder and the few others have been hyped up by the esurient and Right-wing British press which includes the gutter Tabloids and the out of touch BBC. With the Brexit debate looming the British press are looking for all forms of distractions and an incident like this is just ripe for an opening. I am sick to my back teeth with our politicians giving prominence to anything British and foreign in our lovely island. The British who enslaved our ancestors maimed and killed thousands of our people on these very shores where this Man was found dead under suspicious circumstances. How about that? They ruled our island for centuries and did precious little for our people. Why are we bothered about a White man who was no different to his fellow Whites who did so much to our people in the Caribbean?

    In Haiti, we kicked out the British Barbarians who had one thing on their mind and that was to carry on with slavery. Of all the brutal oppressors who have inflicted pain on our people, the British were the worst. They still have not said sorry for slavery and they never will. I was brought up in Britain, I went to school in The UK and I witnessed many ugly incidents involving black people like me. Where were Scotland yard when black people were being lynched by the Teddyboys and the British National front? Young Stephen Lawrence who was of Jamaican origins was brutally murdered by racist thugs in South-East London and although the police knew who murdered the young promising architect they refuse to arrest and bring charges against the culprits. It took the late Nelson Mandela to step in and help bring partial closure to this murder.

    How about the New Cross 13 who died in a fire which was started by someone with a grudge against Black people in that part of London? Again where was Scotland yard? They have not been able to solve this case up until this present moment. It’s either the British police are incompetent or they can’t be bothered to solve this. I can go on and on as the list is endless. The Racist police in the UK are not interested in solving black murders. They treat black people with impunity and it does not matter to them whether black murders will be solved. They don’t care and according to one senior officer’the police is institutionally racist’ in the UK

    Why should we spend our hard earned tax dollars on affording priority to helping solved British murders? All murders are ghastly unpleasant and unlawful and should be investigated. The police should not pick and choose which ones to investigate. They should investigate all. I am appalled at the level of seriousness attached to murders of White Britons while the ones involving locals are given zero priority all because we are only interested in what Britain thinks about us. The British don’t care about us in Africa and the Caribbean and so why should we bother with them. We need to elect politicians who will serve the interests our people. Those who will put our country and people first.

    St Lucia needs people who will defend her vested interest. This man came over to St Lucia and within a short space of time was able to amass enough wealth to own many properties on the island. How many of us blacks who went to England was able to do so? This is such a contrast. Many blacks who went to the UK struggled to get by on the pittance they received from the jobs that they did. Just look at how they have treated the Windrush generation. These are people who went to help build Britain back from the blitz. They worked their socks and knickers off and the British were anything but thankful. Many were sent back and refused citizenship in a country that prides itself on fairness and fair play. Where is the fair play in this?

    We should not allow the nasty and odious gutter press in England to dictate to us how we should be running our Criminal Justice System. The story for all intense and purposes was aired on the BBC. The BBC is run by fascists, racists and people with pea brains and the IQ of ducks. The people who are at the helm of this ancient dinosaur have not lived in the real world. As for the racist tabloids, they could not care less about what is happening in our part of the world. Their main concern is to sell papers to a bunch pillocks who seem to think that they owned an empire and that blacks are inferior to them.

    Before we spend money investigating the murders of the Brits we need to help bring to book those who killed people like young Verlinda, the couple in Vieux Fort who was burned beyond recognition and whose remains were found in the boot of a car. There are endless more but time won’t permit me to give out the names. The British should not be sending their detectives to our shores to help solve “British Murders”. Britain should no longer be meddling in our affairs. We have gotten rid of them and it should stay that way. We don’t want the British interfering as they did before.

    Our MPs’ should be focusing their time and energy on working with the police in helping them bring the perpetrators of some of the most heinous crimes in St Lucia to justice. They should work with their colleagues in parliament in helping to draft laws that help keep St Lucia safe. I am not interested in them bleating on about how Britain sees us.No one cares about how the British see it’s former colonies anymore. The British are not in control anymore. No one cares about Britain and no one listens to Britain anymore. Please stop cosying up to Britain and it’s right-wing press. Where were they when blacks were being killed by racist thugs in England? What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

    Please work in helping to solve all murders and not just the ones involving White Britons. No one knows for sure the cause of this man’s death. We don’t know what he was involved with. Screw what Britain thinks of us. Let us instill pride and hope in our people and to not fear anyone -Let’s get some of that Piton spirit in us. The loudmouth Brits have nothing to offer us, black people, after they have taken so much from us. Let us not relate to them on a master-slave relationship. British control of our islands should be busted up and broken. Let us send this old-fangled lot packing with their fish and chips tails between their legs. Do Not Pander to British propaganda. Let us help put St Lucia on the track to progress and prosperity so that we can all benefit. Let us put the interest of our country first before that of others.

    Viva St Lucia The land Of My Beautiful Mother!
    Malcolm L’Overture
    Haitian Lucian
    Paris France.

    • You are so wrong.

    • This individual’s death is not game for you to spew up your verbal diarrhea! The majority of right thinking St Lucians can see through your practice of reprisal and division.

    • Right on sir, Right on !

    • Brilliant piece Malcolm. You are so right and on point with the points raised in your well-written essay. I have been saying the same things for a long time. Why do we have to give priority to cases involving White folks? There has been a number of unresolved cases in St Lucia, and nothing is being done about it. This White man whom no one knows about dies and the bleeding British media is having a field day. Who cares what they think?

      Our people like Dr. Sebi once said seem to think that everything White is right. They are still living in the past with the colonial mindset. We need to start thinking for ourselves. We need to put things in place to prevent incidents like these from happening again. Nowhere is immune to crimes in this world. The police in the UK have given up. You call them and when they show up they offer very little sympathy to the victims. I have been there and witnessed on numerous occasions. The Police in St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean should invest their time and energy in helping to solve all crimes. They should prioritize all crimes and not just a few which involves White Britons. Black Britons are also victims. You are so right about the BBC- it is an outdated and fascist organization run by posh public schoolboys. There is so much more I can say about this corporation. I hope the police will be able to solve this and all other unsolved crimes in St Lucia. Good Luck!

    • Tell us what you really think Malcolm. Lol. At any rate you are going to spew all the rhetoric much of it inflammatory, skewed and dubious, but you don’t have to, or never going to reside in St. Lucia.

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