Boat ride turns into tragedy

Boat ride turns into tragedy

Garfield Jean celebrated his 23rd birthday today, the 31st and last day of March 2013.

It is also his last day alive.

Jean, a resident of Odsan, Cul De Sac, drowned after jumping off a boat in the waters of Malgretoute Beach, Soufriere at about 3:30 p.m..

A friend who was on the boat with Jean told St. Lucia News Online that the deceased was having a good time before he decided to take the fun plunge.

“He was dancing with me. I went and pee, (by the) time I come back, he drown,” she told our news team.

She said Jean had been warned not to jump in the water.

“My aunt and nieces said they told him don’t go yet, calm down because he ate and was high. By the time I come the man was on shore and people trying to help him. His brother was crying and calling people for help. I tell him calm, don’t call death on the man yet. He (Jean) started throwing up water, so the brother calm and the ambulance moved with him,” she explained.

St. Lucia News Online was told that Jean gave his belongings to his brother before jumping into the water, shortly after the boat reached Soufriere.

Reports are that he was under water for about 10 minutes as everyone panicked.

“They had how much people around him and people panicking,” she said.

Another person with knowledge of the incident said: “A guy named Garfield from Odsan jumped from a boat under the Piton. He was on the SMJ & Bolo Boat Ride. He was drowning. They got him out of the water and gave him CPR; he coughed up a lot of water but passed out again. Ambulance picked him up. Sadly today is his birthday ….”


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  1. Honestly, we spoke and we liked each other. U argued with me most times but it was all that I adored. Due circumstances we ended not speaking for three yrs. And nw ure dead. Smh. All this cud hv been avoided. If u only listened. Bye. Still can't blive ur dead


  2. Am speachless,OMG Garfield,all i could remember was how we spoke in class and said hi to eachother on the wayside,u will be surely missed R.I.P,


  3. we spoke the day before ur birthday and you said "i rather die on my birthday than before" and i agreed with you.... i feel so empty inside knowing that was the last thing we spoke about.... and now you're and i never got a chance to say happy birthday.... i will miss you Garfield R.I.P *can't stop crying* Lord knows best


  4. My sincerest and deepest condolonces to your family, you will be missed, brethren, Odsan will miss u star. Rest in perfect peace.


  5. Too ..... Gone too soon. Having corrected bad English, it is obvious some of the comments here miss the moral of such tragedy. Why should a young man place his own life in such jeopardy as to jump from a boat whilst under the influence of alcohol? I hasten to add, it is a macho image that holds currency for how others will perceive us rather than sensible action of caution and rational thinking and an understanding of ones own vulnerability. This was a stupid thing to do Gustave and as much as you are gone, you have put your family and friends into grief that could have been avoided.


  6. First off Sno...your news got accurate info and that what your readers want...not any fancy English to make it pleasing nite entertaining just so those who are really fluent in the English language get to smile and read...and my goodness its a boat rid what good its a boat ride without alcohol...that's the whole point of it...I hate stupid comments who just got ahold of a keyboard


  7. staying alive is very hard to do but we fight to do so, still knowing one day we might not have the chance to make it to see our old age. but one thing we have to know is that God has a plan for each one of us so you must not fear the fact of dying. garfield gustave was a good friend of mine although he was not perfect but who is? thank God for giving me the chance to know a wonderful sport person and friend as you and i just hope that we lean something from that. becuz life is to short to be worring about petty problems when we suppose to enjoy the time we have with our family and friends. R.I.P my friend and hope that we meet again where there is no suffering but only happiness.


  8. some years ago a man died the same place, did the same thing, he jumped off a boat and broke his neck. people we must becareful when drinking alcohol on boat rides.RIP


  9. Not to be discouraging or overly critical but this is written so weird
    ...and then there is this copyright notice telling people not to rewrite yadydayada
    as if they'd recognize it if someone who actually knows how to write, did.

    It is so weirdly written;with unnecessary eye witness remarks like 'They had how much people around him and people panicking,” she said.
    where is the was said at one point before already.
    ..and no sense of concern about the victims own tragedy in the way it's stated about him jumping after being cautioned, dying on his birthday, even alluded that he could have been aware of his demise somehow, whether intentionally or not by saying he gave his belongings to his brother....
    I was seriously taken aback....just saying!
    It could have pretty much read, fool went and jump in the water after eating and being warned not to on his birthday and died....


  10. Does call my cuz.....stupid......complications was just here his time........those of us who juge him.....will get it worse..mark my words


    • yea man they will get it worst,boxer my g u b for life no stupid comment can't the thoughts i have about u g just sad to see u go that way my blood u was a straight person thank u for the good time on de block my g miss de reasoning we use to have ,i know u safe more than i am g,i know u holding it down if u could see me u would say am talking soft right now but it's hard for me to say when am a u again but i know it fucked upp i got to talk to this pic but u die for the love of the dough the love of the block at 20 u was running the block hanging with thug shooters smoking the hurb keep it roling my g


  11. Merrick eh mind soLUCIAN,that's probably someone in foreign & think they know it all,Most of the time they can't even travel.