Blue Waters responds to ‘mischievous allegations’ about Giant African Snails

Blue Waters responds to ‘mischievous allegations’ about Giant African Snails


PRESS RELEASE – Blue Waters Products Limited (Saint Lucia) has become aware of a mischievous message which originated from Trinidad alleging the presence of the Giant African Snails on the compound.

As such a Public Advisory has been issued in Trinidad to clarify.

For the reassurance and confidence of our loyal Saint Lucian customers we reproduce the advisory as follows:

Public Advisory: Blue Waters Products Limited (Trinidad) has become aware of a malicious comment that has been circulating through different social media platforms alleging the presence of the Giant African Snails on our compound.

We believe that this comment may have stemmed from one of our competitors or disgruntled employees that were recently dismissed due to theft.

We wish to advise the Public that this comment is totally untrue and that there have been no sightings of these snails on the Blue Waters factory compound.

The Ministry of Agriculture in Trinidad has conducted inspections on the entire Orange Grove Estate and have confirmed the presence of these snails and along the east /west corridor, where incidentally other bottled water companies are also situated.

However, we have taken preventative measures including regular inspections of our compound and will continue to be vigilant. As part of our management strategy, members of the agriculture division of Blue Waters Products Limited have been trained on the baiting and disposal program by the Ministry of Agriculture and working closely with them to ensure the necessary protocols are adhered to as advised by the entomologist.

Blue Waters remains committed to delivering products of the highest Quality and Food Safety standards.

We are certified by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and NSF International which are the hallmarks of Quality and Food Safety for bottled water.

Furthermore, we subject ourselves to weekly quality analyses on random samples taken and by tested CARIRI. Our multi‐stage water purification process produces water free of contaminants and surpassing international standards.

We have always been and continue to be open to the public touring our factory to see first‐hand our state of the art operations and high quality standards – this invitation still stands! We would like to thank the public for your continued loyalty and confidence in our products.

How it could be a threat to Humans According to the Ministry of Agriculture public advisory ( the snail is a vector of the rat lungworm, which causes eosinophilic meningitis in humans.

The parasite can be contracted by:

  • eating improperly cooked snail meat
  • handling live snails and transferring snail mucus (slime) to eyes, nose and mouth.
  • eating food (salad greens) contaminated by snail slime or containing minute snails
  • eating raw paratenic hosts (freshwater shrimp, land crabs, frogs) that have eaten infected mollusks

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