BLOODY RELATIONSHIP: Man who allegedly killed his father had stabbed him before

BLOODY RELATIONSHIP: Man who allegedly killed his father had stabbed him before
Charles Augustin (inset) died after being stabbed allegedly by one of his sons.
Charles Augustin (inset) died after being stabbed allegedly by one of his sons.
Charles Augustin (inset) died after being stabbed allegedly by one of his sons.

Police have arrested the suspect in this morning’s homicide in Pavee, Castries.

Charles Augustin, 51, was reportedly stabbed to death by one of his sons.

In an interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO), another son, Christopher Smith, alleged that his father was stabbed in the chest by the suspect nearly two years ago.

Recounting this morning’s fatal attack, Smith said he heard loud voices at the bottom of the house around 3 a.m., and decided to check.

He then found his father laying on the ground, bleeding from a gaping wound to the chest.

Smith said he shouted his father’s name and checked his pulse but got no signs of life. As such, he called on neighbours for help. The authorities were then contacted.

Smith recalled that yesterday his father and brother had a heated argument in which he had to intervene to prevent the situation from escalating.

Smith said while the two would argue a lot, he wasn’t expecting it to end in another stabbing.

Despite confirming reports that his brother suffered from a mental illness, Smith said he believes his brother was fully aware of the crime he committed.

Neighbours also told SNO that the father and son are known to have a bloody relationship.


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  1. This island has way too many bums expecting a Government to solve all their problems, I have never heard a Syrian , Guyanese, or White people make that claim and they are the ones winning. All yall party hacks just there stating bullshit. Work hard protect your people make money. Fucking bum ass awa . How a government is the cause of this situation or a crime of passion predict it. BUMMMMMMMMMMSSSSSSSSSSSS.


    • "Oye mun" you have to realise these party hacks Red and Yellow are singing for their super.

      For far too long this has been going on but we the youth (majority) aren't on that papishow.

      The politicians Red and Yellow obviously know this and have been taking advantage of our ignorant Mothers and Fathers. Before any ones comments that's including my mother and father.

      However the revolution has already started and long may it continue...

      Enough PARTISAN politics it's has been one of the main reasons for St Lucia's non progression!


  2. I can see the new administration has started very well and has a plan u all always giving an excuse for every thing


  3. We are still feeling the ill-effects of the last administration that turned Saint Lucia into a hell hole. We have a growing younger population mainly idle, mis-educated, mal-educated, unemployed and very unemployable. So they turn on one another, and their families.

    They have gone berserk. With even less than some in the SLP, with degrees that do not make a difference, and with little to support them through life, they have gone stark staring mad.


    • I hate to read nonsense what the hell party or government have to with a man killing his now father! Or an ex boyfriend killing his ex girlfriend and her boyfriend! People are doing pure nonsense they are wicked & greedy they all want fast money most don't want to even work so stop talking foolishness. Monkey brain! Let's start owning up deal with ourself first instead of blaming parties and government.


      • We are multiplying like rabbits producing lots of underfed, malnourished, weak-brained children. Is it too much to expect that the offspring of those will suffer from early childhood development problems and become social misfits?


        • And who is supposed to lead? Yes lead.

          Who is supposed to lead this country out of the morass of stupidity that has governed almost every big decision we have made in the past? The mass of poor ignorant souls shouting "En rouge"? Or, Flambeau?

          When stupid candidates all over the place just shoot the common shate that they are running just to "help the people". And that is all those fools bring to table!

          Has that helped the hoodwinked simplistic-thinking people who keep on shouting "En rouge", and " Flambeau"?

          So why the hell is it wrong to politicize our stupidity in not expecting much more from the dumb thinking politicians? We have seen that degrees are not the answer. We have seen that home economic thinking is not the answer. After all, aren't these politicians given the power to make the necessary changes? Or, is this a lagging admission or realization that most of our politicians are just plain dumb with nothing to offer?


      • You have a very and extra ordinary simple mind. Good. That is just right for the other ignoramuses in politics to manipulate. The foolishness that passes for political discourse is very comforting for your damaged brain. It is not ready for anything else but horse poop. Stay, or go back under the rock where you are most comfortable, my dear. You are not ready.


  4. Sometimes we have to show greater appreciation for the state of mind of people who are close to us. If the father truly appreciated that his son had mental issues, he should not have admonished the son in a manner that escalated into an argument. Men, especially, must learn to back down sometimes, instead of assuming the posture of being "no none sense" individuals. People with mental issues should be handled with care, if for no other reason than the need to ensure that they do not snap under pressure of any kind. The situation is indeed tragic, and the lesson it projects is one that all of us, particularly men, must carefully consider.


  5. Ezra Smith just one question for you?why did you kill your father? You will see him in jail for the rest of your life. You demand possessed


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