Blood Bank urges public to “give blood and save a life”

Blood Bank urges public to “give blood and save a life”

The Saint Lucia Blood Bank Service is urging citizens to make every effort to support its blood drive this week and beyond.

Medical Technologist at Victoria Hospital Karen Louis told St Lucia News Online (SNO) today, August, 5 that the blood bank is trying to get as many citizens as possible to come forward and donate blood to ensure that it could supply all health institutions.

The blood drive, which started on Monday, August 4, has seen few citizens going forward to donate.

“We have not had a large turnout to be quite frank. We rely a lot on doctors to tell family members of persons that need blood, to come into the blood bank to donate, so hopefully throughout the rest of the week we are hoping to get voluntary donors to come and donate,” Louis added.

The mobile blood bank was at Glace Motors on Monday but did not manage to collect a single unit of blood.

“We are not looking for an actual number that we need to get at one given time. That depends on how many persons need blood. We have to bear in mind that the average person uses at least two to three units of blood at any given time and that depends on the complications that they have as well.”

The official told SNO that there is an increasing demand for blood. “So that is why we try to plead with persons to come and voluntarily give blood because our voluntarily donation, we cannot meet that demand,” she explained. “Giving blood is safe, simple and save lives, not only that you give blood but you know that you will help to save a life and that is a motivation for anyone to give blood.”

The mobile blood bank was at the Saint Lucia Distillers today between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The blood drive will continue with a visit to Ramco Chowmein Factory on Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Ramco Plastics from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

On Thursday, the blood bank will be at Budget Building in Bois D’Orange and on Friday at Bay Gardens Beach Resort from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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  1. Nobody pays for blood, payment is for tests performed with patient blood and donor blood to find compatible blood for the patient.


  2. @Boat Lover - A central location such as the square is an excellent idea. The Blood Bank would do well to work with Faith-based organizations, large companies or anywhere where there is a captive audience to which sustained social marketing messages are targeted.Its about time that behavioural theories (for encouraging health behaviours = blood donation) are applied to the campaign, with an understanding that people are sacred of needles.

    @ Guava Jelly - Tapion needs blood products too - people have surgeries there. You may not voluntarily check yourself in, but if in a serious accident - God forbid - your relatives may opt to have your surgical intervention and care managed there. In desperate times people exhaust all options.

    @Say the Truth - Selling of donated blood/human tissues or organs is a serious allegation, and if there is any arrangement between the hospitals for blood - which is only reasonable - it should not involve money. Can someone clarify?


  3. I will only donate blood if I have a guarantee that it will not end up at Tapion. I cannot and never be able to afford to go there.



  4. Please have the blood bank in the middle of Castries somewhere rather in outlying areas as most people can travel in to Castries and do some other business in town as well as giving blood, I will give blood but have no transport and it is so difficult to get to Victoria, involving either a walk or another bus ride. Put it in the middle of the square and stand someone outside to encourage people to come in and give.


  5. But you'll forgot to say that when the public donate blood to V/H ,you'll selling some of that blood to Tapion Hospital,that is why V/H never has blood.


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