Blind Date viewers angry as bisexual contestants sent to Saint Lucia where ‘homosexuality is illegal’

Blind Date viewers angry as bisexual contestants sent to Saint Lucia where ‘homosexuality is illegal’
The couple. * Source: The Sun-UK

Two bisexual contestants of popular UK show ‘Blind Date’ are complaining that their prize-winning trip to Saint Lucia turned out to be a nightmare because they were told homosexuality is illegal on the island.

According to media reports in the UK, ‘Blind Date’ fans are angry that the men were sent to Saint Lucia where gay sex is illegal.

A Channel 5 spokesman has reportedly admitted to the mistake of sending the men to the ‘wrong island’.

“We didn’t know and are taking this up with the production company,” a spokesman is quoted as saying by The Sun newspaper.

The male couple, who won the prize, have been identified as Jordan Shannon and Jesse Drew.

Jordan reportedly told the Daily Star newspaper that he was informed about the gay issue in Saint Lucia on the way to their hotel.

“I didn’t know this until I was told on the way to the hotel. I thought: ‘What the f**k?’,” he was quoted as saying.

The newspaper further reported that “Jesse couldn’t relax after security advised him of island rules”.

“The hotel security woman told me how most gay men were in the closet there [Saint Lucia]  as homosexuality is illegal. It’s 10 years in prison if caught,” he added.

The newspaper reported that “Jordan and Jesse returned safely to the UK following the tense trip”.

Their date episode is scheduled to air next Sunday, the newspaper reported.


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  1. Why didn’t they get sent to Saudi Arabia on a date because I dare them to challenge the Saudi’s over their laws and now they are trying to portray my country as if it is illegal to be gay . Typical dumb --- who likes to follow fashion , talk shot without doing their research . If you don’t like our laws then simply abstain . It is illegal to have sex in the U.K. whether you are gay or straight so all you hypocrites who are trying to tarnish Saint Lucians reputation please go educate yourselves dumb asses


  2. LGBT propaganda machine is at it again. Do your thing in your privacy, no problem. Just don't try to push it down our throats. This is not an appropriate life stile for the young people to emulate. We have enough problems as is.


  3. A LIE !! YOU WILL GO TO JAIL...So please don’t come, and if you do come, come at your own risk and... AND STAY AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN !!


  4. The point is that they had a good time. And they got to see paradice. St lucia is a religious state. Respect that as we respect others.


  5. We are the biggest hypocrites you will ever find. You have a much greater chance to get assaulted and robbed here than to go to prison. We are a fine Christian country. (sarcasm!!!)


  6. lol as much as saint lucia dont promote batty men and rubbing we dont jail bullars for that cause as much as it may be the law no one has ever been jailed for this and also this hotel name la haut in soufriere is gay friendly


    • Well recently people got locked up for using obscene language on Facebook. They have every right to be concerned.


  7. Gay sex is illegal in St.Lucia only if they catch you doing it in public, but to say you will go to prison for doing your thing at your home hotels motels etc is a lie. There's a lot I mean a lot of gay men women in St.Lucia and none of them have been incarcerate for their life style,so come on down bring your money but do your thing behind close doors and don't forget to wash your hands frequently thanks.


    • I honestly feel like they're exaggerating their reactions when they found out about the law. Yes its there but I don't think any lucian honestly heard of anyone who has been jailed for being gay. As you said maybe the law is akin to getting caught having sex in public, such as indecent exposure. The law itself is quite archaic, and there are plenty of openly gay men who are obviously gay upon looking at them, but honestly they have a higher chance of getting verbally assaulted or even physically (not that I'm condoning it) than being jailed than for being gay.

      It almost seems like they're doing this for attention. The law enforcement will defend them faster than locals if they're assaulted simply cause they're tourists.


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