Bisee fire victim wins Miguel “Eempey Slicker” Paul’s “Iyanola Challenge”

Bisee fire victim wins Miguel “Eempey Slicker” Paul’s “Iyanola Challenge”
King (left) and Paul
King (left) and Paul

(PRESS RELEASE) — New York City-based Saint Lucian pop fusion artist Miguel “Eempey Slicker” Paul announced today that the winner of his three-month “Iyanola Challenge,” in which participants competed for a cash prize of US$1,000 (EC$2,700) to produce a short video showcasing some aspect of Saint Lucian life or culture, has been chosen.

The award will go to Kimberlee King, 26, of Bisee, Castries.

King was one of 14 finalists picked from an impressive lineup of contestants.

She expressed her profound appreciation for being the recipient of this honor, and to Paul and his team for allowing her to participate.

King stated that “winning the Iyanola Challenge couldn’t happen at no better time for me and my family,” which is still recovering from the tragic loss of their home and personal effects due to a fire in December 2019.

She concluded by saying, “I am truly grateful to Eempey Slicker and his team in New York.”

Paul launched the Iyanola Challenge earlier this year following the release of his new single “I Love Iyanola,” a personal tribute to his homeland of Saint Lucia.

The single was written by Paul and fellow Saint Lucian musician Gilroy Matty. “I Love Iyanola” was a popular hit at the New York City celebration of the island’s forty-first anniversary of independence.

Paul, formerly of Bocage, Castries, was born to Nigel Anthony Charles and Deborah Paul. In 2008, he migrated to the United States to pursue his musical career. He has succeeded to the point of collaborating with Saint Lucian Soca star Rickey-T on the hit song “Freak Girls” in 2016.

Further information about Paul can be obtained from his website,


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