Bill Clinton gawked at Ariana Grande during Aretha Franklin’s funeral

Bill Clinton gawked at Ariana Grande during Aretha Franklin’s funeral
Bill Clinton watches Ariana Grande during her performance at Aretha Franklin's funeral.
Bill Clinton watches Ariana Grande during her performance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

(NEW YORK POST) – Former President Bill Clinton became awestruck Friday at Aretha Franklin’s funeral in Detroit, but he wasn’t overcome with grief.

It was joy from watching Ariana Grande perform in front of him.

The pervy prez, known for his many dalliances and sex scandals, could barely take his eyes off the free-spirited 25-year-old pop star.

During Grande’s tribute to the Queen of Soul’s hit “A Natural Woman,” Clinton smiled widely from behind her as she sang, then sneaked a quick peek down at her derriere.

The internet quickly reacted with disgust.

“Gross,” one Twitter user wrote, sharing the clip. “Try not to throw up in your mouth.”

“An old man pervert @BillClinton hasn’t changed a bit,” wrote another.

Grande received another bout of unwanted attention after her performance when Bishop Charles H. Ellis III wrapped his arm around her back, then repeatedly dug his fingertips into the side of her right breast.

Ellis later apologized, claiming, “Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar.”


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  1. They ought to admire her beautiful features but refrain from looking at her in anyway whether directly or indirectly. They are only free to listen but that should not be done without looking directly at her because non observance communicates rejection which is an offense. So fully embrace her with a warm hug but avoid any form of direct contact. A neutral facial expression is an offense so show some emotion but avoid smiling or frowning. They ought to prepare an apology speech in advance of her performance if they cannot comply. Don't dear plan to be absent, cause that's an offense. Lord have mercy, have mercy on those people!


  2. When will we women respect ourselves and stop blaming roving eyes. Did she or any woman for that matter expect to dress like that and not get the attention craved? Then turn around and claim sexual harassment because we say the looks are unwanted!

    It is exactly what you want when you dress like that and worse, whatever the occasion.

    Looks like government and private sector must implement dress codes as well as churches to keep women under control.


  3. Eff dat...why wud this beach wear such provocative u can see every other guy is staring at her?...after all it's a funeral..these young ppl has lost every purpose of life no matter how beautiful and intellingent they tend to be.


  4. Ariana Grande’s dress was a funeral malfunction. She should have consulted her mama before she left the house. I don’t think she expected to be up close, on stage, to grey-headed dignitary mourners. Well, in a very short dress, just lifting up her arms bared her derrière. She sung her heart to Aretha, and thoroughly entertained the men in the rows behind her – Clinton and the others got an eyeful of freeness. We can safely say that no old man was harmed by her performance.


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