“Big things are happening for Vieux-Fort” — Chastanet says after itelbpo stop

“Big things are happening for Vieux-Fort” — Chastanet says after itelbpo stop

(St. Lucia News Online) —  Prime Minister Allen Chastanet surprised staff at the itelbpo Smart Solutions call centre on Saturday, July 4.

Chastanet said on Facebook that he made a “quick unscheduled stop at the newest state of the art call centre based in Vieux-Fort”.

“I was happy to have a chat with some of the employees. Big things are happening for Vieux-Fort,” he added.

The prime minister took photos with some of the workers and the facility and published it along with his Facebook post.

In January, Saint Lucia became the company’s fifth location. It also has facilities in Jamaica, where it was founded in 2012; The Bahamas, Mexico, and the United States of America.

The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) on January 29, 2020.

The company is arguably the region’s largest home-grown business process outsourcer.

At the signing, ISL CEO Roderick Cherry said: “We invited itelbpo on an extensive site visit to Saint Lucia and right away, they were convinced that the place to set up their latest operations would be in the south of our island. Nothing could make our team at Invest Saint Lucia happier.” ISL is currently retrofitting a 20,000 sq. ft. factory shell in the Hewanorra Free Zone in preparation for itelbpo’s opening in April 2020.”

The company’s Founder and Chairman Yoni Epstein said itebpo plans to hire 200 people in the first six months of opening.

“Saint Lucia may not have been in my purview originally, but the Invest Saint Lucia team made it possible for us,” said Mr Epstein, “We live by what is called our four Y’s which is quality, integrity, reliability and family. You have a big heart, a big family…and that is a big part of our organisation. Managing our team members and giving them a work experience that is second to none is a big part of our mandate,” Epstein had said at the MOU signing ceremony.




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  1. Always selling out the country to Private investors.whilst taking bribes under the table.Stop bringing trash into our Island.Only you Seem to be happy with these foreign investors in the south.No one else wants or needs them there.How much of St.Lucia have you sold out to foreign investors?What is all the money that is collected in V.A.T going towards?Apparently we have a pandemic and you can't even stretch a helping hand financially to the people if St.lucia.Not even $100 to the citizens and people of St.Lucia.What happened to all the money that was donated to St.Lucia because of the pandemic.?



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