Big Players Football Club to host health and fun walk

Big Players Football Club to host health and fun walk

PRESS RELEASE – As a nation we ask what are we doing about the negative stigma, which is attached to some communities? Several suggestions and answers are provided depending on the forum in which this is being discussed.  However, the common message is that something needs to be done.

The Big Players Football Club is not able to do everything to change the public perception about the Castries East Constituency however we want to try.

The positive elements which are prevalent in the Castries East Constituency are hardly brought to the fore and maybe this contributes the negative stigma which attaches itself to the constituency and its residents.

The Big Players Football Club Executive was recently reestablished and stemming from a meeting there were calls for more community building activities with the hopes of ensuring persons unite for the greater good of all.

As a result, a Health and Fun Walk has been planned.  The importance of the police cannot be underscored and the walk has been organized in collaboration with the Marchand Police and is slated for September 28th 2014 to begin promptly at 6:30am.

The support from Corporate Society and even the media has been low as the general feedback is that they do not see the value of an organized event in this area.

The support is minimal and not encouraging. However, when something negative happens, it is all over the news and Corporate Society highlights the backlash experienced by their business as a result.

Although this activity is not sensational, we strongly believe it is one with a difference due to the picturesque route, the people and our calls for unity and more peaceful cohabiting.

We are appealing to Corporate Society to assist in any way possible to make this activity a success and the media to highlight a great initiative from a Club from Marchand.

The theme for the walk is “Building togetherness through Sports, Fitness and Health”.  The Marchand Community possesses notable talents in Football and Sports and is the home of the Mindoo Phillip Park which has been utilized for shaping and building several Sporting Professionals around St. Lucia.

The Club is of the opinion that this walk will display community spirit and focus on some of the positive attributes which can prevail in the Constituency and amongst its residents.

The Marchand Police will be out in full force and we are appealing to members of the public to register and support this fun walk which is being put on for the first time in this Constituency.

The executive members have walked the scenic route twice and it will certainly be an enlightening experience.  The walk commences at Marchand grounds, and will proceed down Marchand road onto Chaussee road then up Leslie Land and through Water Works to Bocage through TiRocher, to Old Victoria Road, down through Rock Hall and back to the Marchand grounds.

The walk will culminate with health talks, tests for diabetes and hypertension and various recreational sporting activities.

All fitness enthusiasts’ sportsmen and sportswomen, sporting organizations and the general public from all over St. Lucia are invited to participate.

Individuals and groups can register at the office of the Ministry of Social Transformation in Marchand, with members of Big Players Football Club and every Saturday leading up to the walk at the Marchand Grounds from 10am to 6pm.

Big Players Football Club is a youth sports and community organization based in the Marchand Community. Bigplayers Football Club is one of the most prominent and successful football clubs in St. Lucia and is the current SLFA Premiere League defending champions.

If you require any additional information or inserts on the subject please contact: Mr. Arthur Antoine –President at tel. /Cell 719 8295 or Mr. Jason Jeremy Public Relations Officer at tel. /cell 721 9514.


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