Big Players Football Club Second Annual Fun Walk

Big Players Football Club Second Annual Fun Walk



PRESS RELEASE – The club would like to express thanks to everyone who took part in its walk, including our walkers, Marchand Police, volunteers, partners, supporters and sponsors.

Our sponsors (LUCELEC, Travel Boutique, National Lotteries Authority, Courts St. Lucia, Blue Waters, Trophy Centre, Climax, Winners TV, Seven Seas, Tiger Malt, Parliamentary Representative Phillip J. Pierre, Come to Me Tire Shop, Elvin Germaine, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Transformation, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Director of Sports, SSDF, Sound City and the Club’s President) certainly contributed to a successful event through their generous donations which equipped us with the resources needed for our walkers and officials.

The event did placed a positive focus on the Castries East Constituency whilst aiding in the advancement of community building through sporting activities.

The walk commenced with a warm up session from Mr. Oliver Lawrence, following whichwalkers proceeded from Marchand Grounds, through to Water Works Road, Bocage, Ti Rocher, the Morne and back to Marchand via Rock Hall.

The Club would like to congratulate the following participants for their outstanding performance:

Mr. Neil Dupre for completing the walk in first place (receiving a trophy donated by Courts St. Lucia),

Second Place – Mr. Kelcy Felix (receiving a trophy donated by the Trophy Centre),

Third place Mr. Shermond St. Ange (receiving a trophy donated Big Players Football Club).

First Female – Kisha Edgar (Prize from President of Big Players Club)

Jayden Christopher – Youngest Male participant

OkezzieAlphones – Youngest Female participant

Francis Lloyd – Oldest Male Participant

VenantiaTheodore – Oldest Female Participant

A grand prize for a trip to Martinique sponsored by the Travel Boutique was captured by Mr. Ethan Regis of Marchand.

The walk culminated with Health talks, eye test, test for diabetes and hypertension.  Participants also enjoyed other recreation sporting activities.The initiative was lauded by the community and others and all participants had a wonderful time.

BIGPLAYERS FOOTBALL CLUB is a youth sports and community organization based in the Marchand Community. Bigplayers Football Club is one of the most prominent and successful football clubs in St. Lucia and is the current SLFA Premiere League defending champions.


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