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St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 1, 2022117353 min

Last minute changes in Covid-19 protocols have thwarted any big New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Ministry of Health in a December 30th press release has tightened protocols by restricting the gathering of people for both private and public social or recreational events to 35. Faith-based organizations are, however, permitted to allow an assembly of 100 people for religious ceremonies, including weddings, funerals and baptisms provided social distancing guidelines are observed.

Additionally, beach and river parties will be disallowed during the festive period, which is deemed to end on January 7th, 2022.
The 1 am cut-off time for any New Year’s Eve celebrations remains in place as it was for Christmas Eve celebrations last week. The last- minute changes to the Covid-19 protocols were prompted by major breaches in protocols during Christmas Eve celebrations: several hundreds of people were huddled together at bars in the Rodney Bay area, wearing no mask; vehicles were illegally parked along the main Rodney Bay strip causing traffic congestion, bar operators were being forced to close to observe curfew times and on occasions fined for breaching the regulations. There were similar chaotic scenes occurring in regular entertainment areas across the country.

The latest changes, supposedly, are intended to allow for safer celebrations in ushering the New Year and allow bars and restaurants to enjoy a much-needed increase in business activity during what is traditionally their most profitable period of operation.

SNO has been reliably informed that the police are determined to ensure Covid-19 protocols are observed by imposing fines where breaches occur and seizing Hi-Fi equipment where loud music is being played.

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  • BothSides

    January 5, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    Last minute, same thing they accused the last administration of…smh.
    Did cabinet and the others only informed of the bridge in the Christmas eve’s celebrations only on Dec 30? Just asking.


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