BIG Money winners get an early Christmas!

BIG Money winners get an early Christmas!
Karen Mortley
Karen Mortley

Customers from Bishop’s Gap, Micoud, central Castries, Babonneau, Carellie and New Development, Soufriere were among the latest winners in the LIME $500,000 BIG Money Everyday Giveaway.

With the Christmas season upon us, it looks like Saint Lucia’s and the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications providers is already heavily into the giving spirit!

Bradley Reynold

Bradley and Albert Reynolds, both from Babonneau, are distantly related. But they took different paths to each win $1,000 cash and $500 worth of groceries. Bradley qualified when he did a TopUp of at least $15, and Albert talked at least five minutes from his LIME prepaid.

“I like how LIME always has something for their customers,” says Albert. “And it’s not always about winning prizes, either. Sometimes it’s just free text, bonus credit or even just getting the best rates for my calls and data package.”

Albert Reynolds

Karen Mortley didn’t believe her good fortune at first. The 26-year-old accountant from Bishop’s Gap paid her landline and Internet bills in full and on time to qualify for the daily giveaway. But when the call came telling her she had won, she didn’t even answer the phone at first.

“In fact, my husband was the one who took the call,” she said. “He’s always playing those sorts of tricks on me, you know, so when he told me I won a thousand dollars, I didn’t even take him on until he let me speak to Iwa.”

Lissa Williams

Meanwhile, Lissa Williams of Carellie was thoroughly excited to be a winner.

“This is great! I’ve had the same number for 11 years, and all I did was TopUp my phone. When they called me I made so much noise! Thanks, LIME!”

Lissa says the money came at just the right time. A self-employed vendor, she dropped off the younger of her two daughters before the presentation. When she arrived at LIME, she came in with a smile, and like all of the winners, she was beaming when she left the building.

The BIG Money Everyday Giveaway continues daily, even as LIME continues to roll out new specials and promotions, including huge discounts on iPhone and BlackBerry handsets.

The company is also getting set to unveil its Christmas promotion with lots more goodies and great value for new and existing landline, Internet, mobile and LIME TV customers. Already, tens of thousands of customers have been getting free talk, text and data since October, an early Christmas present from LIME.

Curlis Mathurin
Jesle Joseph

Hyacintha Stanislas

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