BIG Money winners all set for Christmas with LIME!

BIG Money winners all set for Christmas with LIME!
Stacy Mathurin, Chateau Belair, Soufriere
Stacy Mathurin, Chateau Belair, Soufriere

The latest group of winners in the LIME $500,000 BIG Money Everyday Giveaway are celebrating Christmas a few weeks early.

A dozen lucky customers are appreciating the winning moment with Saint Lucia’s and the Caribbean’s leading full service telecommunications provider. Each customer picked up $1,000 cash and $500 in groceries from Super J IGA in the ongoing promotion BIG Money promotion, just by topping up their prepaid phones, talking at least five minutes, sending at least 10 text messages or paying their bills in full and on time.

For Verline St Ange, the timing is perfect. A Grade 1 teacher at Aux Lyons Combined in Mabouya Valley, Verline is in her final trimester with her third child. She qualified for a chance to win $1,500 in cash and groceries by paying her Internet bill in full and on time. But she explains that she only recently reconnected the Internet because of her eldest child, who is 10.

Marcella Edwin is a proud BIG Money winner!

“At that age, you need to really start using the net for research and so on,” she says. “I got a new computer and I got my LIME service back. I got a discount on my monthly bill, and now I’m a winner! It’s great, because you have so many things to take care of when you’re having a child.”

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Stacey Mathurin of Chateau Belair, Soufriere says she is going to use the money to get a head start on her Christmas shopping. A bartender at Jalousie for the past six years, Stacy is, naturally, very excited to be a BIG Money winner.

“I just did my normal TopUp,” she explains, “and I feel so blessed to have actually won.” Naomi Severin, a receptionist at Body Image Beauty Studio, hails from Laborie. She tells us she will use the money to pay her bills. Marcella Edwin cleared her landline bill, and she wants to get herself something special just before the Christmas season, which she says she’s now really feeling, “thanks to LIME!”

Cora Marius, Chassin, Babonneau

Other winners for the month of November include 40-year-old electrician, Linton Peters of Bocage; La Clery resident, Lucy Sealy; yet another customer from Soufriere, Felicia Joseph; Joanna Piltie, Richardson O’Brien and Merle Charlery, all of Vieux Fort; Joel Samuel from Rodney Bay; and Pearl Adams of Ciceron. BIG Money continues to reward customers throughout the Christmas season and all the way into the new year, in addition to all the goodies LIME is giving new and existing customers for the season.

It’s a great time to join the LIME family and take full advantage of excellent service, fantastic savings and super surprises.

Herschell Augustin WON $1,000 in CASH with LIME!
Verline St Ange, Aux Lyons, Dennery
Linton Peters is a happy man today, as a BIG Money winner!
Joanna Piltie is beaming, because she’s a winner!
Naomi Severin has a head start on Christmas shopping, thanks to LIME!
Proud LIME customer and proud winner, Lucy Sealy
Cireron reisdent and LIME customer Pearl Adams
Joel Samuel of Rodney Bay won $1,500 in cash and groceries!

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  1. At least that is better than STEP- LOL
    Lime don't have to borrow to payout the prizes. It is strictly business and indirect return for the company. Maybe Kenny can learn a thing or two.



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