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Bexon man in viral video remains in prison for cursing and assaulting police

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Police have confirmed that the man who is at the centre of the viral video in which he is being arrested for cursing the police, among other charges, is currently behind bar awaiting a second court appearance.

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir told the media on Wednesday, Oct. 10 that 26-year-old Kennis Charles has been remanded at the Bordelais Correctional Facility after appearing in court on Monday, Oct. 8, 2018, as was first reported by St. Lucia News Online.

Desir said Charles, a resident of Marc, Bexon, was charged with obstructing the police in their duties, using insulting words, resisting arrest and assaulting the police.

Charles is expected to reappear in a Vieux Fort court next week, Desir said.

In the viral video, a group of persons became agitated while police were conducting an investigation about the illegality of a motorbike.


Charles, who was among the group but not the motorcyclist under investigation, is seen in the video hurling insults and following the policeman to his vehicle.

The cops returned, with at least two brandishing handguns, and arrested Charles, but not before he put up a struggle and assaulted one of the officers in the process.

Persons in the video and on social media condemn the police for arresting Charles because they claimed he did nothing wrong. However, according to the sections Criminal Code, it is unlawful to hurl insults and gestures, mock, jeer, or utter expletives at anyone in public or in any place.

Desir has commended the police officers involved in the incident for exercising restraint and that no one got hurt.


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  1. Choops St Lucian police are the worst everybody fan out with their phones and capture a police officer cursing St Lucians believe it will be the easiest thing to find or even worst upload them on What's App and instagram and I will bet you my last dollar by Sunday you will at least half a dozen videos guaranteed.


  2. Choops St Lucian police have no respect for people they are the worst flip the script on them everybody fan out with their phones capture police officers cursing St Lucians and insulting Lucians and among other things and upload them on instagram or what's App this will be too easy to do and I am betting you my last dollar by Sunday there will be at least half a dozen videos showing them doing just that or worst.


  3. that idiot should be in the cemetery.


  4. Arrest warrant? I need someone from the legal fraternity to educate me. Was not an arrest warrant needed?


  5. This individual is an ass because after the police left the scene, you still stay there and wait for them to come back?? Jail serve u right my friend, u eh know badboy but now u a criminal. Conthole


  6. I am really disappointed that they did not arrest all of them


  7. They should have arrested the whole community.
    Its amazing how the people are saying that the man never did anything.


  8. my only problem with this is that the others who were using foul language as well , should have been arrested too.


  9. Majee welcome to st lucia where the police is higher than the law SMh. So what's the result if your are the one being cursed by the police? Lemme guess routine? Because I have seen it a million times in my eyes and has never seen any action taken.


  10. I hate to say this but we have lost the respect for each other. I am not saying that the guy should not get charged for what he did, because I do not know the entire story. We have some police that do believe that they are above the law. For example, selling/pushing drugs and going unchecked by their peers and the community. I have heard of policemen slapping a GROWN ASS MEN IN THE FACE…seriously. How can your words be respected, when you as a police in a DAM RUM SHOP in uniform, selling/ pushing drugs, disrespectful conduct in society/community and then demand respect when you do not give none? BULL…


  11. Which section in the criminal code? I did not see him assault the police officer in the video. He was resisting arrest because he did not know why he was being arrested. Secondly the police officers never read him his rights. Why he was being detained? They said they had a warrant but it wasn't presented. If he is still detained I dont see why. There are steps to follow. This entire thing should be thrown out of court. It's a waste of resources and tax payers money.


  12. Very disturbing , whatever the circumstances were this individual had no right to verbally disrespect lawmen . Imagine what the outcome would have been without a normal individual . Take heed Saint Lucians and let the lawmen do their job or else your country will end up very much like Jamaica in terms of the lawlessness which countributes to one of the highest crime rates around the world .


  13. But wait...so...we copying white cops now? Unless of course SOMETHING ELSE happened behind the scenes, in my opinion I don't see that as just.


  14. I must say that the social landscape of this paradise island of St. Lucia has taken a "b" line.
    I've been reading, listening and watching the information that is coming out of my homeland in that regard and it's fearful. As I try to paint a picture of my homeland how I knew it, the conduct of some adults and a large percentage of the youths are actually degenerating the charteristic that St. Lucia was once known for.
    This is part 1.


  15. Wow soo disrespectful and disturbing to watch. Mob mentality is what we pick up now. This man assaulted a cop and resisted arrest, they could have shot or beat him but didn't. And ppl think this is ok saying to video tape this shit, that makes you all look so ignorant. I hope these ppl won't need the police anytime soon.


  16. Shameful that this is the only language that people nowadays know. We must go back and get the origin of making insultives common. This originated from the white man demeaning blacks by using the black rappers to sing song on women and other black persons. They were paid millions bit at the cost of a dirty trend which catapulted all the way to the Caribbean. Even taming root on Calypso.
    The end is near. That's why we have so many deaths among young persons. This is serious . Let us respect oneanother.
    God Protect us all.


  17. You idiot look where You have ended, where the group of educated ,uncivilized, infamous people that where recording and helping you, can imagine how u feel like a loser now. Fool.


  18. If he curse the police and they lock him up all they have to do is give him bail give him a desk summons restrict his travel and let him have his day in court. Most St Lucian police officers are just ignorant and unprofessional. The male senior officers act as if they have a chip on their shoulder and a axe to grind. The female officers act more professional than the males. The young males that just go in they are the ones who displays the worst behavior.


    • I agree I have a brother and a cousin one in V-fort the other in Ti Rocher and them two display the worst behavior I can think of drinking smoking and cursing beating up his child mother everyday and the jackass will never repot it I don't know who make them police when I tell them they should send their ass home they curse me and I curse them back useless I tell you


  19. It's funny how these are the same officers we run to when things go left. So ok, as y'all do all of that y'all expecting them to run to dennery the minute y'all call right? Well Peter will start paying for paul. All of that was unnecessary by both parties. Civilians let the officers do their jobs n if y'all see Injustice report it. There's a place for that


  20. Let this be a lesson to those who like to roam in packs and believe that they can attack you when they have backa. At the end of the day, when the shit hits the fan, you end up facing the music alone.


  21. Those laws are backward.


    • Yeah that's true let's remove those backward laws and put new ones in their place. Like cursing an officer isn't an offense right. I wonder if we should do it like the U.S.A and allow them to curse the hell out of the police and then they take it from there a become bolder whereby cops start killing them then you'll say let's change that law too and make sure the police doesn't kill the criminals right. Man just shut up and learn to respect the DAMN laws of the land ok. Ya'll young, set of worthless fools who are in the majority need to learn to get ya'll act together or be put down if ya'll can't. St.Lucia isn't a THUG'S PARADISE ok so behave or get laid down.


  22. aloysius sylvester

    If I was the defense lawyer I would request that the video be played in court and ask the policeman or policemen why is it that it was only my client who was arrested for using obscene or insultive words when clearly you can hear other persons not only insulting and using obscenities but directly threatening the police officer (s)? I have no idea what were the circumstances which lead to the whole scenario but I think that we all should have a little more respect for each other and it's time that police officers stop behaving like they are God almighty and they behave like the use of obscenities are the worst crime that one can commit as an offence when I usually hear some of them indulging in the same choice of words and sometimes worse. Let me end by saying that I do have a brother who is an officer and I am very proud of the way in which he operates and executes his duties.


    • oh well ..he was the one infront and pushing himself..the officer can't go ahead and pinpoint everyone who was cursing ,but from that video we could clearly see the ring leader. Like you said not sure what transpired to bring it to that ,but those thugs need to have a little more respect, it is a good example for us all. respect the law and the people who are trying to enforce it.


  23. I hope the rest are charged too because if not you are encouraging this type of behavior


  24. Go back and arrest the rest for what? ....TWO of these officers are of the Most Disrespectful clan in Dennery no matter who the individual may or may not be... And funny how SNO only posted 2 vids....where are the rest? The BEGINNING when the officer was cursing out civilians First and making GUN threats to the bike owner..which indeed is has a REGISTERED BIKE? .... is the law above the officer in BLUE ? ... WHEN officer POPE AND Friend in BLUE START TO RESPECT PEOPLE OF DENNERY WE SHALL IN TURN RESPECT THEM!!!! ....


  25. That was the most ridiculous video I’ve seen. I don’t understand why St. Lucians were behaving this way. If he hasn’t done anything let him prove this to the courts. All of that didn’t prevent him from getting arrested so what was the point?! SMDH!!


  26. The police needs to go back and deal with the rest. set an example.. we need to respect the police..


  27. I said what I said

    Sal bete.


    • Unrully nazzi buu

      Need respect fuh police chups police don't have respect fuh anyone ppl will have respect for them chups datz really nonsense wit dem damn officers datz y the ppl parents does do them mal n die nonsense not because youl officers youl can fink youl in DAT they those use obsene language to ppl to chups fuh the person own mouth smh


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