Best practices for infection

Best practices for infection

(PRESS RELEASE) – As the coronavirus continues to remain an epidemic around the world, the Department of Health and Wellness is work assiduously to ensure the public are sensitized on ways to prevent the spread of an infection.

Although Saint Lucia has no confirmed cases of the coronavirus, the Department of Health & Wellness is calling on the public to take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of an infection.

Health Educator of the Bureau of Health Education Nadiege Smith-Lambert spoke on the standard recommendations an individual should practice to minimize the spread of an infection.

“The Ministry of Health would like to remind persons out there to remember as option as possible to wash your hands with running water and soap. In the event, you do not have running water and soap, you can use hand sanitizer with an alcohol base of 60% and up. We will also like to remind persons that if you use tissue to sneeze or cough, you should throw away the tissue into a bin. If you do not have a tissue and you really need to sneeze and cough, you do it in your inner elbow. We will also like to remind persons that you could practice cleaning down your surfaces with a little disinfectant just to ensure that any viruses that are on the surface are gotten rid of.”

Smith-Lambert also provided guidance on when and how should a person used a mask to control infection transmission.

“So a medical mask is not required for members of the general public who does not have any respiratory symptoms. You wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing of if you are taking of somebody who has respiratory symptoms such as coughing or sneezing. Masks are also only effective when used in the right way. So, you also have to incorporate hand washing so you wash your hands with running water and soap. If in the event, you don’t have running water and soap available, you ca use hand sanitizer of alcohol base of 60% and up.”

The Department of Health & Wellness encourages business and work places to ensure hand sanitizers are easily accessible to customers and employees.


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