Bernard consumed gramoxone, autopsy reveals; no foul play suspected

Bernard consumed gramoxone, autopsy reveals; no foul play suspected
Gibson Bernard
Gibson Bernard

PRESS RELEASE – On Monday, November 2, 2015 a post mortem examination was conducted on the body of 44 year old, Gibson Bernard of Over The Bridge Dennery.

The examination revealed that Bernard died as a result of Toxic Ingestion of Gramoxone.

No foul play has been suspected in this incident.


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  1. police may have looked at his finances,bills,love life,even mental history to see if there was anything that would push him over the edge in order for them to rule it a suicide.In any case there goes anyone of us but for the grace of god.

    May he rest in peace,and condolences to his friends and family.


  2. Spike drink was gramoxone? Seriously . Are you people hearing yourselves. It's not like it's tasteless and colorless


  3. Father God we in this land needs you above all now please Lord guide our leaders touch them in a way that you have never done before.

    Expose any thing that have been done amist in any way on behalf of this island and bring us back to you in Jesus name Amen


  4. Shame on Lucia people, if you'll put God into you'll life,everything will work fine, stop living a life of vanity,anything not working the way it should be, just move to the next, stupid people always do nonsense like that,that's ignorance .


  5. How were they able to rule out foul play? Them people are so quick to close investigations. Someone could have spiked his drink. Just saying.


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