Bermuda: Speaker promises action over photos of sleeping MPs

Bermuda: Speaker promises action over photos of sleeping MPs
LISTER… it's an in-house matter
LISTER… it’s an in-house matter

(CMC) — Speaker of the House of Assembly Dennis Lister has promised to take action after photos of legislators apparently asleep in p arliament appeared on social media sites and later picked up by the Royal Gazette newspaper.

He said the controversy over the images would be “dealt with” next week.

Lister, whose job is to enforce the rules of the House of Assembly, told the Gazette on Tuesday: “It’s an in-house matter that will be dealt with by the speaker next Friday.”

He was speaking after the images, which appear to show ministers and MPs snoozing on the floor of the House, were published on social media.

Lister said he would discuss the matter when MPs return to the House after this week’s two-day Cup Match holiday on Thursday and Friday.

The use of recording equipment is forbidden under House of Assembly rules.

A video and photographs of some politicians, including members with eyes closed and slumped back against their seats, were shared across social media networks last weekend. Among those captured on camera were Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden and Minister of Public Works David Burch.

The Gazette said it was not known who took the pictures or when, but the camera angles of some suggest they were taken on the floor of the House, while others appear to have been taken from the public gallery.

Images of Christopher Famous, Dennis Lister III and Kim Swan, three government backbenchers, were also among the pictures shared.

Swan has since insisted he was not asleep, but was looking down at his mobile phone.

Owen Darrell, chairman of the ruling Progressive Labour Party, said members would be reminded of “the proper decorum required inside the House of Assembly”.


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  1. They seem to be more concerned that prohibited images of them sleeping we're distributed than the fact they were sleeping on the publics time. Chuck the rule against photos because it promotes anonyminity and doesn't allow the public to see how their money is being wasted.


  2. Get rid of those damn wigs you idiot!! Even your masters threw them away long ago but you're so daft you keep hanging on the relics of the past......ughhhhhhh


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