Bermuda records first murder for 2018

Bermuda records first murder for 2018

(CMC) – Bermuda recorded its first murder so far this year when a 30 year old man was gunned down late Friday.

The police who released details on Sunday identified him as Taylor Grier, 30.

Grier died when he was gunned down in Hamilton late Friday buy a gunman opened fire at the junction of Court Street and Elliott Street after arriving on a motorcycle with another person.

A bystander told police that he did not see the shooting or suspects, but heard about six explosions.

“This is deeply disturbing after a period of relative calm. We will make sure that we meet the violence with the appropriate force,” said National Security Minister Wayne Caines said after arriving at the scene.

Former Premier Michael Dunkley, the Shadow Minister of National Security, said he knew Grier as a constituent and friend, adding: “We were stunned, devastated and saddened to lean of another senseless murder.”

The police also reported that a man has been detained a man in connection with the shooting.

They also rushed a 55-year-old man, who was also injured in the attack, however, his injuries are not life-threatening.


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  1. Just want to show how proper reporting of this incident was done both by the Police Media Relations and the Media on a whole. Hope our media in St. Lucia and the RSLPF fam take some notes from them. Please see link below.


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