Bermuda: Board’s chief executive quits after 13 years


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Neil Speight served as chief executive of the BCB for 13 years

(CMC) – Neil Speight has quit after 13 years as chief executive of the Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB), the latest in a string of resignations.

Speight, a former board treasurer who is currently abroad on cricket business, was not immediately available for comment, but is said to have found another job.

BCB president Lloyd Smith said on Friday that vice-president Nyon Steede had also handed in his resignation.

Four board officials have now resigned in the past six months with cricket in turmoil in the island. Treasurer Gershon Gibbons stepped down in May, followed two weeks ago by Clay Smith, who chose not to seek a new deal as national coach after his three-year contract expired three months ago.

Smith, who was voted in as president last November when Lloyd Fray chose not to seek re-election, received Speight’s resignation last Friday, before receiving another e-mail on Thursday from Steede, who served as vice-president under Fray.

“Nyon Steede handed in his resignation today (Thursday),” Smith said. “It’s a setback for the board that two good people have chosen to move on. Neil has the knowledge while Nyon has been a member of the executive for many years.

“Neil has found another job and will be leaving, though we don’t have a date as yet. He handed in his resignation last Friday. I’m surprised at both and haven’t been able to talk to either because Neil is in Singapore representing the ICC Americas.”

Steede was also not immediately available for comment.

Bermuda cricket at the international level has been in the doldrums since the island qualified for the 2007 World Cup in the Caribbean when coached by former West Indies batsman Gus Logie.

In the spring, Bermuda sank to a new low when they were relegated to the World Cricket League Division Five after finishing last in a tournament in Malaysia.

Smith, the former national coach, said he was sad to leave the post, adding in his resignation letter: “My decision to walk away now is not an easy one, as coaching one’s country is the ultimate achievement and honour for any coach. Unfortunately, things drastically changed over the last year, as the lack of support was obviously evident.”

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