Fortuna Belrose dismisses calls for her resignation

Fortuna Belrose dismisses calls for her resignation
Minister Belrose
Fortuna Belrose
Fortuna Belrose

United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Castries East, Fortuna Belrose, has dimissed claims made by the ruling St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) that she is not permitted to take part in elective politics.

Belrose comment comes in light of recent calls made by the SLP to have her resign as the President of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee, in light of the UWP announcing her candidacy.

The former Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Youth and Sport said that there are no restrictions by the International Olympics Committee (IOC), when it comes to someone participating in politics.

She highlighted that SLP’s Castries South Candidate, Ernest Hilaire, was announced as a candidate while he was Chairman of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

Belrose noted that there is a huge difference between her and Hilaire’s situation, especially since she is the head of an independent body and not an employee of the Government of Saint Lucia.

Belrose is also Commonwealth Games Federation regional vice-president for the Caribbean.



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  1. Cessation of membership[edit]
    The membership of IOC members ceases in the following circumstances:[5]

    Resignation: any IOC member may cease their membership at any time by delivering a written resignation to the President.
    Non re-election: any IOC member ceases to be a member without further formality if they are not re-elected.
    Age limit: any IOC member ceases to be a member at the end of the calendar year during which they reach the age of 80.
    Failure to attend Sessions or take active part in IOC work for two consecutive years.
    Transfer of domicile or of main center of interests to a country other than the country which was theirs at the time of their election.
    Members elected as active athletes cease to be a member upon ceasing to be a member of the IOC Athletes' Commission.
    Presidents and individuals holding an executive or senior leadership position within NOCs, world or continental associations of NOCs, IFs or associations of IFs, or other organisations recognised by the IOC cease to be a member upon ceasing to exercise the function they were exercising at the time of their election.
    Expulsion: an IOC member may be expelled by decision of the Session if such member has betrayed their oath or if the Session considers that such member has neglected or knowingly jeopardised the interests of the IOC or acted in a way which is unworthy of the IOC.

    show us kenny why she have to resign


  2. First Issac and now Belrose........ why are those ladies so arrogant???...... just take the high road and resign already.


    • Why? What the lady do in her personal life has nothing to do with this. She is retired from public work leave her alone man


  3. Tell them to go pay attention to the Juffali sponsored Diabetes Lab opened in Ciceron today


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