Beloved St. Jude employee passes away in the U.S. after giving birth, leaving many in shock

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Many people in the south of Saint Lucia have been plunged into shock and mourning following news of the untimely death of Jeffa Belasse, who was very active in sports, education, pageantry, church, and every community activity you could think of.

Many tributes have been pouring out on social media since her death on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

President of the Vieux Fort South Football Association, Emmanuel Bellas, is one of the scores of people who are still in disbelief.

He told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview on Wednesday evening (Oct. 3) that Jeffa, who was his first cousin, passed away in the U.S., hours after giving birth to her first child.

Jeffa, who was an employee in the accounts department at St. Jude Hospital, gave birth Tuesday morning and is reported to have passed away in the late afternoon or evening, Bellas said.

According to the football official, he received the bad news around 7 p.m. Tuesday after a number of players from his football team called him to inquire if the news is true. He said he got the confirmation from a player who is very close with Jeffa’s live-in boyfriend, and popular national player, Titus Elva.

“Based on what I was told, as of yesterday the child (a girl) is ok,” he said.

Bellas recalled that his cousin was a beloved young lady, who supported the community for many years, in every activity, particularly culture, church, school, sports and pageantry/chaperoning.

She also wore many hats in the management of sports and sporting teams. At the time of her passing, he said she was vice president of the Vieux Fort South Football Association, manager of the senior Vieux Fort football team, and manager of the national under-15 female team.

She also served as treasurer of the Vieux Fort South Youth and Sports Council.

Bellas recalled that Jeffa, who lived at Calvary Hill, Vieux Fort, would get involved in every sporting activity in and around her community and would make her home available to anyone in that regard.

Describing her as a “real icon”, he said Jeffa was also a leading member of the Vieux Fort Constituency Council, also known as the ‘town council’.

Prior to giving birth, Bellas said “she raised many (children) like they were her own”.

What’s more shocking about her death is that she did not appear to be ill prior to leaving the island for the U.S. about five to six weeks ago, to give birth, Bellas said.

“That is what has shocked everyone,” he said.

SNO contacted Jeffa’s boyfriend, Titus Elva, who is in Saint Lucia, but he said he is not in a position to speak further, but promised to do so another time.

SNO expresses it’s sincere condolences to the relatives, friends, associates and acquaintances of a “real community icon”.

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  1. What food stamp are you talking about.unless the naby is born no food stamps cause she is not you have it

    • if u dont know shut up

      oh please, WIC is available to any and every immigrant and even when u r just passing. when yall know nothing sit down and shut up please. and yes there's insurance. medical and dental. u also get ur prescriptions with insurance.

  2. All those useless comments and you people have no idea as to the young lady's cause of death. Some of you are just pathetic. SMH

  3. Tell it like I see it

    It's a shame at the extent some people go with their comments NUN!!!!!absolutely NUN of those nevative comments were called for. Come down to vieux-fort have a seat with someone who knew jeffa then just maybe you guys can try to be half the woman she was. We never know when to shut up and keep our opinions deep down in our anus and give it only IF IF it's asked of us. Alot of you guys cant even control your own lives but what to put your 2 cents in everybody else's.

  4. she looks a bit old to have a child maybe that might have been the issue i guess RIP

  5. Why you say they are using our people as guinea pigs.sooo many lucian's had babies in America and doctors never kill them.all you to quick to hapen to Americans too.when will we ever have something positive too why didn't they kill the baby.i mean come on.Thank God for waking up up today..thank you for health and strength.lord shine your light upon us us be productive today.give me strength to help a brother or sister along the way today .bless my friends enemies.bless the universe..and so forth..say something positive you know.every God given day is negative negative negative .choops

  6. May her soul rest in peace

  7. Wow!!! That’s all I could say at those close minded foolish remarks. We all want better for our children than what we had. So she choose to have a child in America what you shit for brain simpletons don’t get is for decades Europeans have been having “anchor babies” not an issue and it’s still not. But when people like you or I do it it’s now an issue. But it’s not coming from trump on here it’s coming from us and it’s sad. And me knowing different let me just say you people who don’t know there are provisions in place to provide emergency health insurance for women when there are pregnant you know nothing simply not being able to say something nice does not give you the right to put another person in disrepute especially when they cannot defend themself god sakes be human. After all saint Jude’s I was born in 30+ years ago has been in a stadium for more than 10 years. No where on gods green earth would that be acceptable. But this three ring circus that you all have calling politics leaves just st lucians disenfranchised. Yet you all pick on the lady hi has used her platform to better our community. We know better, let’s do better c’mon. Universal healthcare? You serious? What’s the unemployment percentage in st Lucia? Prime minister Trump, sorry I meant to say Chasnet well either way they circus leaders. But please leave the lady alone and blame those to be blamed for the issues that plague the island.

    • Well said... a lot of us need to know when to shut up. If you cannot say something nice and comforting, just let it be. You won’t miss out. There will be plenty of opportunities to speak your minds. Hope you grasp it when it arises.

    • A good thing she didn't have the baby in St. Lucia people like you would bark too much.
      RIP Jeffa.

  8. Rip once again they are using our people as Guinea pigs

  9. a beloved employee of st jude and she didn't trust her doctors and midwives? Who says treatment in US hospital is better. Check the statistics!

    • It is a free world n pple do as they please. If ur 2 cents adds no value then y don’t u shut the f**k up

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    • Not your damn business

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      • All the imbeciles that chose to talk before actually knowing what exactly was the reason why she left the island to give birth should keep quiet. If the health system in st lucia was good i see no reason why she would go overs. And besides she is a grown woman who choses to do as she please . Age doesnt matter when goving birth. You can be a healthy mule and the day of giving birth there are complications so shut up.

        nobody would want her to die. But its the work of God.

        May your family be comforted. Rest my lady...

  10. Well at least she got her anchor baby. Mission accomplished.

  11. Black and NO INSURANCE in the US? A major no no.

    • Hold your A** Trevor. Who tell you she had no insurance?

    • Of all things THAT is what u find to say? You know the lady business? And weather she had insurance or not do you know if that would prevent her death? smh....shame on some of yall.

      RIP MAM...I pray your baby will live a long and healthy life around people who loves here dearly.

    • Quit using the "Black card." White folks are also uninsured in the USA.Fool. U have nothing of substance to contribute.Shut the hell up.

    • That's not true. Any persons who confess to the u.s. to have a child, that person is given full insurance. They're given dental and medical. Food stamps to make sure the baby is healthy. So, if you want to sound like someone who knows what you're saying, research first.

      • You need to shut up......Full insurance are you crazy not any more food stamps ha ha not even WIC her application with too many questions she would have to full out. After the hurricane in Puerto Rico the people came over to the mainland even though they are Americans ask anyone the freaking trouble thy had to go through to get DCF to help them I know what I'm talking about I work in the system up to now they crying foul thank you.

        • if u dont know shut up

          oh please, wic is available to any and every immigrant and even when u r just passing. when yall know nthing sit down and shut up please. and yes theres insurance. medical and dental. u also get ur prescriptions with insurance.

  12. Rip my neighbor


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