Belle Vue residents get “temporary relief”

Belle Vue residents get “temporary relief”

(SNO) –– For years residents of Belle Vue, Vieux Fort have been suffering due to bad road conditions. However, for the past few days they have been receiving some relief.

According to a resident, road works started about one week ago.

“This road works is considered a relief. In my opinion it is some temporary fix,” the resident said. “They are grading out some of what appears to be the very bad pieces. And I presume, they will be potholing in between the graded pieces as they have left many more pot holes. The marked areas for grading run from Zabo to Belle Vue,” the reisdent added.

Below are some more photos of the work


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  1. Moses Jn. Baptiste and the SLP should be ashamed of themselves. This road was in this deplorable state during the entire five years they spent in office. They did nothing to assist those people who have supported the Labour Party through thick and thin.


  2. That's the extra $1.50 on the fuel that working there you know. Farless when ya'll allow the Government to give ya'll the full D.S.H project and master plan for V-Fort ya'll go really sit nice you know. I don't want ya'll to vote U.W.P I just want ya'll to be honest and let the work proceed. And also ya'll go get a better St.Jude's too. And don't forget MovieTowne Multi cinemas coming down to St.Lucia to invest and they might be headed to the south. So you know what that means say goodbye to going to be early cause Ya'll EH HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO.


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