Belle Vue residents and motorists fed up with roads filled with crater-like potholes

Belle Vue residents and motorists fed up with roads filled with crater-like potholes
Leriche showing the depth of a pothole in the road
Leriche showing the depth of a pothole in the road

(SNO) —  Repair our roads sooner rather than later, if not we will take drastic action!

That’s the stern warning minibus drivers of Route 4B, owners of private vehicles and commuters have issued to government, urging it to take heed.

Some of those concerned residents have already begun showing their dissatisfaction with the condition of the roads leading to Belle Vue. Last week residents of the community blocked the roads with boulders and trees which had to be removed by minibus drivers who ply the 4B route.

But according to many of those who are directly affected, the worst is yet to come.

Some minibus drivers of Route 4B, which comprises minibus drivers of Belle Vue, Pierrot and Aupicon, say they are prepared to show a bit of patience with the government, but owners of private vehicles and some commuters say they are prepared to take drastic action anytime.

A few days ago, this reporter travelled to Belle Vue to get a first-hand experience of the plight of the residents there, and found out that their concerns are genuine.

Earlier this year the Route 4B minibus drivers protested a delay in the adjustment in their bus fares which had annoyed commuters, but the commuters say this time around they are prepared to give the minibus drivers their full support for any protest action which they may decide to take.

Kerisha Jeffery, a resident of the area, said: “The situation is very annoying and requires immediate attention…The road is in a deplorable state.”

She said in cases of emergency, a sick person is likely to perish before he or she gets to the hospital, due to the amount of time it will take the ambulance to reach its destination.

“The minibus drivers need some relief,” Jeffery said.

The owner of a private vehicle said he is prepared to take drastic action right now.

According to Sheldon Leriche, secretary of the Route 4B Minibus Drivers Association, the situation is annoying.

“Minibus drivers are fed up, commuters are fed up, owners of private vehicles are fed up…..The situation is frustrating,” Leriche lamented, adding that traveling along the roads to and from Belle Vue is a nightmare.

He added: “However, we are concerned about the people who we have to take to work, take to the market and other places…”

Leriche said that his association has already informed the Transport Board of its concerns and was given the assurance that the matter will be taken to the relevant authority. He added that a transport officer is expected to inspect the conditions of the road in the community this week.

“We are waiting to see what will happen. If nothing happens we will pull out our services,” he said.

Leriche added: “We are working with the Government of St. Lucia, not with the Government of Labour or the Government of Flambeau. It’s not political…”

He said the former administration had only completed half of the road, leaving the other half unfinished.

“We pay drivers license, road tax, route band fees, national council fees….and still can’t get a good road,” Leriche said.

According to him, he is very concerned that if they are forced to take protest action, the matter may get out of hand by the actions of some residents and owners of private vehicles, who are very angry about the situation.

“They have already started,” he said, referring to the boulders and trees which were placed to block the road last week.

Leriche is now appealing to the relevant authority to address the matter with some degree of urgency.

Minibus drivers in other parts of the south of the island have described minibus drivers of 4B as drivers with the most patience on the island.

Parliamentary representative for Vieux-Fort North, Moses Jn.Baptiste, has been harping on the issue for some time now.


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  1. On my way to work today I noticed the bus driver in the picture taking photos and what not after being aware of the fact that ministry has made strides to alleviate the problem. Heavy machinery to commence road work emerged from Tuesday. I believe that this is another political attack since our very own rep is encouraging it since he was only able to put it in the pile lines and not deliver as expected. But I like that this government is noticing and they are showing the past government how things are done and that they don't just get to the pipeline, instead they DELIVER!!!! ?


  2. It's not political but a constituency who is loyal to the labor party should have more developed. I'm sorry but slp send us a new candidate we no longer want musa. Musa u have failed us.


  3. Only now you'll realize that the road is in deplorable conditions. Mr jn baptist has been sitting there with url for years. Why did you guys not put pressure on him, because I know for a fact this road has been terrible for a very long time and it's more than the 2 little years that this government has spent in office. You people sicken me vf north they're such labor freaks so why not just keep ur bad road and keep quiet!


  4. Slp did half and started jus a few weeks before election .was wondering why they never took it from Bellevue to I'm not hearing none of the slp supporters of belle Vue sayin a word,not a word .it's jus horrible after eight hours of work to be in this rocky road.


  5. Has anyone heard Mr. JN BAPTISTE, ADVOCATE for his constituency in parliament?? No... he's trying to make it political about budget when they were in power. Vieux-Fort north, has never given any other party a chance, they have only vote SLP, SLP NEVER DOES ANYTHING FOR THEM, THEY WILL PROVOKE AND HARASS YOU IF URE NOT SLP, DURING ELECTIONS...While the situation is sad... they are the ones who put themselves in that mess, hopefully they get to place where they realise, its not party but whom will stand up for us and get us the essential services we deserve...Wake up Vieux-Fort North.


  6. Moses Jn. Baptiste has already addressed the situation. The last time was last week Wednesday on Timothy Poleon's News Maker Live on DBS where he said that due to budgetary constraints, the government of the day could not allocate all the resources in one budgetary cycle. The second phase was in the 2016/17 budget but was not implemented by the current government.


  7. Aaa.... thought this road was red carpet.... why the slp administration never fixed it.... take the line please and thanks


  8. Hmmmm now the see and feel what the people of Micoud south was going throughout the time the labour party was in power. Not an inch of road was fixed. Even when the uwp administration came into power and was ready to fixed the Micoud south road the first person to criticize it was Moses Jn Baptiste he wanted the Micoud south rep to fix the road for the cannelle farmers instead. When you all put boulder in the road to block it and then there's an emergency I hope you all don't turn around and blame the ambulance personel


    • Grow up this is the kind of things I expected to hear out of my greatg grandparents mouth ,not from people who are supposed to be educated government is put in place to represent the people stop the ignorance .


  9. I am waiting for an explanation from the current MP Moses Jn Baptiste as to the reason why his SLP Administration failed to complete the road. This is not in any way political but he seems to be extremely silent on this issue when in Parliament session.


  10. I am waiting to hear from Moses Jn Baptiste the reason why his SLP Government failed to complete the road.


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