Belle Vue Development Committee to host Youth Workshop

Belle Vue Development Committee to host Youth Workshop

2015-07-24 06.48.32PRESS RELEASE – The young people of any country and community are its most precious resource. They possess fresh and unique ideas, high levels of energy and enthusiasm, and an understanding of the issues confronting their age group.

Accordingly many of our youth continue to make much needed contributions toward all aspects of St. Lucia’s development profile. More specifically our youth are employed in all productive sectors of the economy. Also the youth serve as leaders in the fields of culture and community development.

Despite the resourcefulness and contributions of our youth they require the provision of an environment which is conducive to their holistic growth and development. This is particularly necessary considering the vulnerabilities of our youth, especially adolescents. During adolescence the individual goes through a period that is marked by the formation of identity and the attainment of sexual maturity milestones.

This transitionary period between childhood and adulthood is a time when our youth begin to explore and sample different ideas, activities and relationships.

To help the adolescents from Belle Vue, Vieux-Fort cope with issues and opportunities confronting them, the Belle Vue Development Committee has organized a youth workshop slated for Saturday 25 July, 2015. This workshop will commence at 9:00 am and end at 2:00 pm at the Belle Vue Human Resource Development Centre. Personal development, youth and mental health, decision making, and sexuality are the topics the teenagers will be exposed to.

These topics will be presented by the following competent and qualified facilitators: Fiona Noel-Charlery, Francine Marius, Krishma Biscette and Bennet Charles. Therefore, the Belle Vue Development Committee invites young people aged 12 to 17 years to make a special effort to attend its youth workshop.

It hoped that through this activity and others the adolescents will gain skills and knowledge required to deal effectively with the issues and opportunities that confront them during adolescence.


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  1. good job. If we start with the adolescents then we won't have so many young people roaming the streets uselessly. BVDC continue the good job.


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