Belle Vue committee to hold public discussion on cancer

Belle Vue committee to hold public discussion on cancer

In an effort to heighten public awareness on clinical issues relating to cancer, the executive of the Belle Vue Development Committee is organizing a health discussion on Thursday August 22, 2013.

The event will take place at 6:45 p.m. at the Human Resource Development Centre located in Belle Vue, Vieux-Fort.

At that meet, the public will have an opportunity to interact with Dr. Fidelia Moonia who will present an address on matters relating to breast and prostate cancer, the two most common types of cancer in St Lucia.
The workshop is being organized against the backdrop of recently revealed cancer death statistics for St. Lucia.

According to the release, earlier this year, local Oncologist, Dr. Owen Gabriel disclosed that cancer was the leading cause of death on the island.

The release further related to information from the World Health Organization which it said was published in April 2011. That information suggests that prostate cancer deaths in Saint Lucia reached 4.51% of total deaths which ranked the island the seventh in the world as it relates to the number of deaths from prostate cancer per 100, 000 of population.

It also said that breast cancer caused 1.34% of total deaths in 2011.

“Both cancers cause severe physical and psychology damage to the health of patients especially when not detected and treated in their early stages. These illnesses may also significantly [and] adversely impact the financial situations of many patients and their families,” the release said.

Thursday’s meeting will seek to provide residents with information on the causes, signs, symptoms and treatment of these cancers.

“Consequently, we are extending an invitation to everyone from Belle Vue and Vieux-Fort North to attend this very important discussion. It is hoped that after this activity people of the relevant age groups will get tested for prostate and breast cancer considering that survival rates increase with early diagnosis and treatment,” the release also stated.


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