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Belize: Police detained as plane makes illegal landing with drugs


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(CMC) – A police officer has been detained after a suspected drug plane landed in southern Belize, police have confirmed.

The police said that the plane, a Centurion single engine, similar to one that was found in Tres Leguas community in Orange Walk with 1,226 pounds of cocaine and a senior police officer arrested earlier this year.

But the police said in the case of the latest plane landing on Thursday night, the cargo had already been carted away when they got to the scene.

A police constable, however, was found in the area with aviation fuel and the seats of the aircraft in his vehicle. Another man, believed to be a Guatemalan national, was with him.

Media reports said that the plane landed in the night on a farm belonging to a Mennonite businessman located about a mile off the Barranco Road. The origin of the plane has not been established at this time.

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