Belize: Elderly American couple attacked, one killed

Belize: Elderly American couple attacked, one killed

BELMOPAN, Belize, Feb 15, CMC – Police are searching for an intruder who killed an elderly retired American woman and severely injured her husband during a home invasion in Oasis, a small community of expats in Consejo, 15 miles from the neighbouring Mexican city of Chetumal.

Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, said the incident occurred on Wednesday night when the home of retired American couple Elizabeth Rousseau, 74 and her 84-year-old husband, Gary Hakes, was broken into.

“The couple was at home when a male intruder gained access to the building via the bathroom window. The intruder reportedly cut off the power supply to the residence before sneaking into the couple’s bedroom. When Rousseau entered, he attacked and stabbed her. The husband came to her aid and he too was attacked before the murderer escaped with a purse,’ Myvett said.

“What alerted neighbours was the commotion. However when the neighbour got over there the incident had already occurred. From an investigative standpoint it had to be someone who had some knowledge of the area to know where the switch so we are looking at several angles in respect to that,” the senior police officer said.

The parliamentary representative for the Corozal North area, Hugo Patt, described the murder as “a very shocking situation.

“ It is a situation that particularly in this area of Corozal who would know that Consejo and that stretch of road is known as a haven for expats. We have American expats; we have Canadian expats in the country.

“We at the end of the day know that they are seeking a peaceful and quiet place to rest and have a nice time. When things like this happen it is really shocking. It is something that we strongly condemned. There are no words to describe the atrocity that happened.

“Certainly, we make an appeal on the authorities or anyone who can provide any kind of information that will lead to the culprits because justice needs to be brought to these people. It cannot be out of having your space in your own home somebody would come and invade and worse yet would eventually take the life of someone. Considering that these are two elderly people, this is something that cannot be countenanced,” he added.

The American couple recently moved into the area.


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