Beauty queen contestant beaten

Beauty queen contestant beaten
Mason participating in the July 4, 2015 National Carnival Queen Pageant at the National Cultural Centre.


Mason participating in the July 4, 2015 National Carnival Queen Pageant at the National Cultural Centre.
Mason participating in the July 4, 2015 National Carnival Queen Pageant at the National Cultural Centre.

A contestant in the recent National Carnival Queen pageant was beaten during Carnival earlier this week in Castries.

The victim has been identified as Kadijha Mason, who represented the Boka Group at the July 4, 2015 National Carnival Queen pageant held at the National Cultural Centre. She did not place in the competition.

Details are sketchy at this time, but it is alleged the incident may have stemmed from an ongoing feud with at least one other contestant. She was allegedly beaten by a female and it is believed that other females were involved in the incident.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) was told that Mason sustained facial/head injuries which left her “bloody and battered” after the brawl and had to be hospitalised.

Her condition is unknown at this time, but reports on Facebook indicate that she is doing “ok”.

It is not yet clear if anyone was arrested for the incident and SNO has not been able to get any information from the police, particularly to confirm if the matter was reported.

Mason was the second runner-up and Miss Popularity winner in the 2013 Miss Gros Islet Carnival Queen Pageant.

Mason, who hails from Corinth, won the 2011 Miss St. Lucia Talented Teen and was selected to represent St. Lucia in Basseterre, St. Kitts at the Miss Caribbean Talented Teen. She also represented Saint Lucia at the 2014 Miss PJD2 Caribbean Queen Pageant in St. Maarten.

She is a past student of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School and member of the Silver Shadow Dance Academy.



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  1. Jealousy is a sad word.... Shameless to those ppl who was involved.... KARMA is a BITCH.... Comes back twice what you'll be expecting....


  2. I encountered the young Lady and as a elderly Rastaman I must say the reception was unusually for a young beautiful lady very gracious. We became friends . She was very receptive to all my advice . That's all I can say but I'm indeed saddened to learn of this incident .


  3. All the negativity url saying about the
    girl url not making no sense picture if it was url family they had beaten so chewps....get well soon my girl


  4. Nothing back home surprise me any more,trust me I have heard and seen it all. There is one thing my people cannot do to me is to take away my LOVE for my homeland. St.Lucia I LOVE YOU.


  5. Where is all the class in all of this... as far as I'm concerned they should all be stripped of their titles and winnings gained on the night of the show...smh!! what examples are you setting out there..Kadisha K karma...whatever the hell your name are too cantankerous my daughter had it out with you one time at a modeling event and if my daughter had a problem with your ass you had the problem cause my child's down with anyone she comes into contact need to curtail your behavior GET HELP!!! MAKE THAT CHANGE!! What the hell!! you need to stopppppppppp just stoppppp!! this nasty attitude of yours...ppl change yes its been mentioned that you're trying your ass aint seem to be trying hard enough as to what just transpired!! smdh


  6. She needs to give an account to what happened cause the speculations are very disgusting. She is a really bitchy girl who would look down on people out of spite maybe she was trying to change but guess her old ways are now phasing her. I can clearly remember her interfering with a good friend of mine throwing dirty remarks for no reason . No one deserves to be violated like she was Hope this is a wake up call for her. Speedy recovery to her!


  7. Lol at some of the comments. I don't know none of this ladies but the question I wanna ask is , where is your class on the night of the pargent and days leading to it they were all classy young girls not ladies.and this is what u put out the shame on u all.
    U all should be strip of all the gift and prizes given out to those involved. Useless


  8. Man they fighting for. She and the girl that burst her face. They making it look like is because of jealousy. They don't like each other because of man. I sure that same man cheating on both of them. Baby girl know your worth.


  9. Well said to Concerned Citizen...I can testify to what you've said..people dislike you or hate you without a cause..smh especially you appear like you run the world with your positive energy you capture the hearts of others..this you are highly hated and disliked for..but God is good!! Im blessed and unbothered..Blessed.


  10. I know kadijah for many years went to school with even if she's the bitchy type who use d to bully kids and bring down everyone's self esteem she in know right deserves that kind of treatment she is changing gradually and developing herself and her skills jealousy she is trying to surpass her ways but people won't give her that chance NOBODY DESERVES THIS!!!!


    • was that irrelavant n controdicting intro necessary? Smh I cld smell the hippocracy in that comment #undercoverhater #sad


  11. You fid not have to say she did not place because she is coming before super j and tourist board


  12. Hey where these ladies who sit and lambase men whenever there is conflict or crime where a woman is the percieved victim? I guess they have nothing to say since their true nature is hatred for men and not neccessarily love for women and their hardships....truth be told caribbean women are just as violent and easily provoked as some men however the justice system has an intrinsic bias towards women so they get almost no punishment for the crimes they commit..... a dude stabs someone or steals instantly thry up bordelais for months waiting trial, a chick does the same and may not even get arrested far less to do serious jail time


    • That have nun to do with one cares. The woman was beaten whoever did it was wrong. The end.


  13. I was making sure that if it was more than one female i wouldn't be the only one on a hospital bed. I was making sure they take some permanent facial dislocation. I not on DAT. All these things happen because of jealousy. All because of the outward appearance. I hope they get these sutti peasaz and burst their ass


  14. I wish her a speedy recovery. I must say though. This girl doesnt seem to be liked by many though.


    • It doesn't take much to be disliked. The mere perception that you have it made is enough to have people dislike you. Dislike is deeply rooted in jealousy and envy; and appearing successful and keeping your head and standards high often enrages those who have zero ambition or ability to do the same. This however, is no grounds for injuring a person.


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