Beausejour community responds to recent criminal activities

Beausejour community responds to recent criminal activities

— On Saturday, October 12, 2019, residents of Beausejour, Gros Islet, in response to a recent vehicle theft and attempted arson case in Beausejour, held an emergency neighborhood watch meeting to strengthen security measures in their community.

The meeting, organized by the Beausejour Community Group, and facilitated by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (Crime Prevention, Community Relations Branch) was aimed and strengthening community/police relations, and to provide training for community leaders and residents in community policing, surveillance and response, safety and security measures.

The Beausejour Community Group, over the years, had established an effective monitoring and response strategy in Beausejour, but the recent activities highlighted several areas for strengthening and for immediate implementation.

The session included group discussions, a lecture/training secession conducted by Sergeant Alex Morgan, Corporal Zachary Hippolyte and other officers from the Crime Prevention Community Relations Branch of the RSLPF.

Sergeant Morgan presented the group with pertinent information relating to an effective neighborhood watch, citizens patrol, crime prevention, home and personal property protection, personal safety, analyzing and detecting criminal behavior.

Corporal Hipployte provided the group with valuable information from his years of service as a police officer, involved in community outreach.

Over the weekend, Jim Joseph – president, Beausejour Community Group; Terry Goodman, Lera Celestin – Beausejour area heads and neighborhood watch captains, along with other members of the team, began the erection of neighborhood watch signs and other monitoring/surveillance equipment/tools in the area.

The group has taken steps in improving lighting in the community, undertaken de-bushing exercises along roads in the community, and clearing of overgrown trees in vacant lots to assist with visibility.

Over the next few weeks and months, the community group, with the assistance of the police, will continue the education and training sessions to improve the effectiveness of the neighborhood watch group in the community.

The group will continue to establish an effective communication network within the community and between themselves, the police, and other emergency response personnel.

The Beausejour community would like to publicly thank the officers of the RSLPF for going above and beyond the call of duty to assist the community of Beausejour and by extension the citizens of Saint Lucia.


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  1. This is excellent. Love seeing communities taking proactive action like this. More positive stories like this please!


  2. you know who would do an incredible job in neighborhood watching? the people that dont have nothing to do and they sit whole day gossiping and minding people least this would finally pay them off for good


  3. Planet of the apes, rise of the goons. Rum and carnival babies all grown up and ready to come take what's yours.


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