Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary High School elects first ever Student Council Executive

Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary High School elects first ever Student Council Executive

IMG_1103PRESS RELEASE – On November 10th 2015, the Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary School held students’ council election to elect its first ever Student Council Executive.

The school saw a successful and productive election process, made possible through the hard work of administration and staff members along with a representative from the National Youth Council. The entire process was described as “an effective educational opportunity that can expose the students to the real world process of elections.”

One student describes the voting process as simple, in an on camera interview, as she had been well informed by the Teacher Coordinators, at the school. She further went on to state that there was stiff competition between the nominees vying for the position of President of the Council. The students of Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary School wished the best for the executive and hope that they can serve as role models to the students at the school.

During the previous week, the school saw very active campaigns, spearheaded by both nominees, the supporters and even parents. In spite of its small size the school has noted an insurmountable amount of support and readiness amongst the students to initiate their own Student’s Council.

Beanfield Comprehensive’s new emerging Students’ Council Executive are as follows:

President: Makana Denis
Vice President: Rasheed Martely
General Secretary: Sabi Alana Modeste
Assistant Secretary: Quincy Marliacy
Treasurer: Kervin Thomas
Assistant Treasurer: Trava Chicot
Public Relations Officer: Ivy Lewis
Assistant Public Relations Officer: Charisse Fontalio
All the Students are determined to make a lasting impression on their new school and successfully lead a two year term serving on their council.


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  1. Ok. Cool. I attended Campus A. It was truly a nice place. I remember agriculture class when we climbed the hills to find manure. Some of my best times were spent at this campus. Glad to see the school is expanding.


  2. The Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary School was previously known as the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary Campus A. It became a fully fledged Secondary School in September this year and as a result was renamed and the uniform was changed. It currently houses Form 1's and Form 2s. This school is a heavenly haven which consists of fully qualified, efficient and effective teachers. Although the building housed the Technical Vocational School at one time, the students who enter this school are the cream of the crop. They attain high marks in Common Entrance exams! At the Beanefield Comprehensive school WE (students,principal, teachers, parents) SHINE!!!!!! Congratulations to the executive.... May you be good ambassadors to the school!


    • May be if you tell us in which country you are we will not only tell you where it is but we will provide you with the necessary directions. You did not have to use the occasion of a press release on a positive school activity to make know your ignorance or publicize your negativity.


    • The school is located in Vieux Fort. It used to be called Campus A. Vieux Fort Technical was closed and most students were moved to Campus A, now called Beanefield, to differentiate from Vieux Fort Campus B which is now called Vieux Fort LaRessource.


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