Be proud of our ‘Neg Mawon’ heritage (letter to the editor)

Be proud of our ‘Neg Mawon’ heritage (letter to the editor)

Dear Editor:
In Saint Lucia we use the term “Neg Mawon” in a derogatory manner to refer to certain persons.

“Negre Marron” is the French word for a runaway slave or Black Maroon and the plantation owner class saw the runaway slaves as worthless bandits.

Runaway slaves were persons of African descent who chose to live as free men and were neither field slaves or house slaves. We should be proud of the free independent spirit of the Neg Mawon, as all men were born to be free, however in Saint Lucia we have embraced the Neg Mawon term from the French plantocracy and now use it against our fellow Afro-St. Lucian brethen.

We must therefore emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery that makes us use Neg Mawon in a derogatory manner and we must be proud of our Neg Mawon heritage.

Dominica and Haiti have erected monuments in memory of their Neg Mawon and I trust that St. Lucia will do the same.


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  1. Folks, we can't rely on any selfish and evil-intentioned person to teach our kids their past psychologically destructive deeds that will considered to be a threat to them because the teaching will legitimately breathe hatred in the heart of the children. therefore, it is up to us to do it in a way that will instill personal responsibility in them. unfortunately, we have too many so called leaders who are easily bought insidiously or willingly for couple millions of pennies to sell their country and their own brothers. They do not see any farther than the tip of their nose. In respect to Neg Mawon, I would simply call them "Free spirited Man"
    Thank you for the very informative conversation.


  2. Oh am so happy that finally someone decided to address that issue. Am a proud neg marron! People from the city use this phrase to refer to persons from the country side when they see our nonsense attitude. I am neither a house slave or a field slave. Am a free moral agent. And for this reason I've been unable to keep a job for a very long time cause I don't tolerate shit from employers or nobody for that matter. So I decided to create my own employment now.


  3. that could be true but i dont embrace neg maron as anything bad to me my friends and i would kiks off on each other and call each other neg maron with no bad feelings attached to it but i would believe the term vieux neg would be a derogartoy name 100 times over neg maron . neg maron seems funny lol


  4. Jeremiah 13:23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.
    Don't you think we should emancipate ourselves by knowing who we are?.
    Chinese whether their born in China or another part of the world, they remain Chinese.
    Indians, Irish,French Etc teach their children their history and customs.
    Black men are Afro this and Afro that.
    If the Black man can't embrace being African where will he find space to embrace anything else.
    Our history did not start with us being slaves. Our history go back to the day of creation where we were rulers of God's kingdom. Why should I embrace a term given to me by a white slave master? Actually why should I embrace anything done by the White slave master like your Creole festival.
    Another day where you stupid people go around dressing like house slaves instead of dressing like African Kings and Queens. The black men who ran away never saw their selves as slaves but as free men. I believe they would have hated this term.


    • You should read the history of st lucia, its a little more nuanced than that. It's was not just the white man who owned slaves, people of colour did too. The elephant in the room is the enslavement of blacks BY blacks in the first place.

      When you see the amount of crime inflicted on each other today, it really is no different 400 years on.


  5. Neg Mawon from St.Lucia and St.Vincent who the British called "Black Caribs" put up fierce resistance in St. Vincent. Eventually the British deported them to the island of Roatan off the coast of Hondurus. These "Black Caribs" eventually settled along the Caribbean coast of Central America and are known as the Garifuna people and speak Garifuna, Spanish and English. Unfortunately this proud OECS Neg Mawon history is not taught at our infant, primary and secondary schools.


  6. Very informative and good to know but I really don't think St. Lucian's can embrace this concept. We are still fighting against our own people and tearing them down. And we love to flourish in ignorance. Sad but true.


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