“Be open and transparent with the CIP” – SLP

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st-lucia-passportPRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party has called on Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to be open and transparent with the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) and provide the public with all the proposed changes to the existing legislative framework for discussion.

The Labour Party says whilst being Leader of the UWP in opposition, Allen Chastenet did all he could to undermine the CIP. He criticised the Programme all over the world even when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other institutions praised the design of the CIP.

The CIP has only being operating for ten (10) months and was severely affected by the public pronouncements of the Prime Minister when he was in opposition.

Therefore, the Labour Party is of the view that the Programme should be allowed to operate for some time before there is any restructuring or relaunch with the existing legislative framework.

Instead the Labour Party is calling on the Prime Minister to inform the public of:

  • How many citizenships have been granted?
  • What has the monies being used for?
  • Which new Projects have been granted CIP approval status?
  • What are the deficiencies of the programme as designed?
  • What are the proposed changes; and
  • Which promoter is recommending changes to the existing legislation?

The Labour Party says the public must be involved in the decision making process, as was done by the Saint Lucia Labour Party when in Government, because of the immense sensitivity of the programme.

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  1. I think we have enough intelligence to ask our own questions, no reason to have a particularly intelligence challenged individual asking the most absurd of questions on anybody's behalf. Surely not on mine!! If we are not satisfied we know what to do cause this ideological party affiliated political bullshit has outlived its usefulness.

    Right now 5 year olds publish their own material and have it distributed as far as to president Obama and even Putin if they want, farless for the intelligence driven young person. NO SENSE PIERRE, that's why the country could not have gone forward. For a man to not know that since his government passed a budget it became law and the incoming government is bound to follow it astonishes even the least intelligent among us.

    All those questions asked by Pierre should be answered by him as I am not aware that the CIP has any constituted Board from the last one appointed by Pierre. Well ask them Pierre, you are in a better position to find out from your goons? How may were given citizenship within your admin? How much was collected? How much did Juffali and others pay? Now your are asking the government to make their plan public. The PM had already said before elections that he agreed in principle with CIP but the administrative, legal and accountability framework was flawed, and he would not agree to the Program in its present form. I mean my infant son at home understood this, so what does that say about Pierre? And you call yourself a leader? Leading who? Man give some intelligent people to run that party or else it will be a real party.

    • Fantastic! Incredible.

      You are asking some incredible key questions from these past jokers and their unvarnished cluelessness. They never ever went pass the need to win the next poll in anything they did. Everything was a show.

      Transparency my foot. Transparency was something uttered just to fool the gullible with. It never happened.

      They always sold us a bag of goods, and a pig in a poke. Shamelessly talking now about clarity is just having the effrontery, and the chutzpah. Their foolish followers never held their feet the fire. Such bleeding cowards always in red. Rah, rah, rah, en rouge, idiots.

  2. Press release after press release, I see the continual demise of the SLP what a SHAME because with out a good credible opposition (currently you're NOT) then who is to hold the current government accountable!

    Apart from a completely NEW Approach I would suggest you guys change your PR person maybe he's been doing it for too long and just regurgitating bullocks.

  3. All are willing to sell their birth right. What a shame ? I will remain independent.

  4. Am sure you guys are really better at opposition. . When Slp sat in office did they inform the people about details of CIP.. o ray Charles I have voted you twice already till I became a swing voter. My loyalty is to no politician.. bark your bark now.. learn not to take people for granted...


  6. Because the SLP was a pillar of transparency? Hypocrites we were begging the previous government for information on the most important of matters and they spat in our faces, not a word not a word not a word, we haven't forgotten.

  7. My questions to the Labour party are: were you transparent with the "cip?....when and how was the public involved in the decision making process during the introduction of the "cip? Because i can't remember any of this. Are you really fighting for the betterment of this nation or for your own selfish agendas? There's no passion in your arguments, you stand for nothing. These over-rated politicians (this goes for both slp and uwp) only opposing for opposition sake. You are all vultures feasting on the carass of a decaying economy.

  8. "The CIP has only being operating for ten (10) months and was severely affected by the public pronouncements of the Prime Minister when he was in opposition." Kinda reminds me of Kenny's pronouncements about the RSLPF and subsequent IMPACS fallout while in opposition. Bunch of BS. Choops

  9. Not ao sure why the SLP is so concerned about CIP. In my view the UWP like the SLP will put only UWPs to manage this whole thing and reap the same results of secrecy .
    Governance in our country is not about who can do the job but who is a member of our party.

  10. SLP really have the nerve.

    When the citizens were asking about Juffali , did you'll pay attention.
    To date the public does not know the real reason for his appointment. The whole thing was shrouded in mystery, and you want to advise another of what to do?


  11. Why didn't you all remain in government and do all what you are suggesting. Give the damn guy's their chance to government

  12. wow, the slp sounds exactly like what the people ask them to do for five years. the prime minister is adjusting the cip and correcting the flaws in the slp edition. get over it. your calls for the govt to do what you say are over. weekly complaining is only going to drive the citizens further away from your party. so I guess you should keep up the good work.

  13. From the 10 years CIP has been in existence the SLP served 6 of these 10 years. We the public were not been informed by you of the 6 bullet point you are requesting. We were just been told that an investment was approved under CIP.

  14. PIP and the SLPs, I am an SLP who voted UWP the second time I voted. During most time discussing politics with UWP, when I was SLP, I was been told that the SLP deliberately deceive the people, undermining their education or they are deliberately speaking to their supported who they know are uneducated.
    Mr. Chastanet was never against CIP and has specifically stated it whilst in opposition. However, he was totally against the way it was designed by the SLP government and stated that e would change it if he became Prime Minister.

    • lol the irony. this is why ppl need to read to educate themselves not listen to everything ppl open their mouths and gush out. if u want a black person to remain ignorant put all information in a book.

  15. Allen Chastnet was never against the cip. He was always against earnest hilaire being CEO of the program. So get your facts straight.


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